Space Brothers Chapter 376: Release Date, and Read Manga Online

Space Brothers Chapter 376 release date has not been confirmed yet by Koyama but is expected to be released in a few months on Kodansha.

Space Brothers or “Uchū Kyōdai” is a Japanese manga series created by Chūya Koyama. It first aired in Kodansha’s Morning on December 6, 2007. All its chapters have been collected in manga magazine Morning in several volumes by seinen as of the latest.

Space Brothers Chapter 376

Space Brothers Chapter 376 Release Date

Space Brothers Chapter 376 release date has not been confirmed yet by Koyama but is expected to be released in a few months. Only an estimated date can be forecasted as the manga is known for uploading chapters on an irregular schedule.

Watch the Show Online

Space Brothers Chapter 376 is available in digital form in ComiXology and Amazon in both volume and chapter wise on SimulPub all across North America and Europe.

It is also currently available in English on Crunchyroll and Kodansha not for free, but with a subscription (monthly or yearly).


What Has Happened

The plot unfolds in the summer of 2006. Where two boys, Mutta Nana and his younger brother Hibito claim to have seen what they call a UFO. They see it float towards the moon. The boys are very much held by the sight as it imprints something deep within them.

The boys decide to go on an intergalactic adventure where Hibito decides he will go onto the Moon while Mutta decides he will aim for Mars. After a time skip, the scene changes to the year 2025, nineteen years have passed after that incident.

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Hibito is now a fully-fledged JAXA astronaut assigned to go on a mission towards the moon. Mutta, on the other hand, has not been very successful in moving towards the am of setting foot on Mars.

Space Brothers Chapter 376

As Mutta is seen reflecting upon his past actions, thoughts, decisions, and aims, he is offered a letter by the JAXA training program for new astronauts which says that he has been accepted into the team.

The manga series continues as Mutta runs towards his dream, just like his brother has; and finds passion in doing what drives him.

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