Higurashi SOTSU Episode 9: Release Date and Watch Online

Higurashi SOTSU Episode 9 will officially release on 19th August 2021. You can watch it from the Funimation platform officially.

After a little break now once again your favorite series Higurashi SOTSU is all set to release their new episode. After watching episode 8, all viewers and fans are excited and curious to know what happened in the 9th episode. But the questions come when episode 9 will release.

So, in today’s article, we gonna talk about all the information that comes regarding episode 9. So, if you are also curious to know about this then go through this article till the end. If you read the whole one then I hope you get all the information regarding this. But before that, let’s talk about the Higurashi SOTSU series.

Higurashi SOTSU Episode 9

About the Higurashi SOTSU Series

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Aka Higurashi SOTSU basically starts their journey as a manga series in the year 2006. After that few novel series, manga series continued and now we see an anime Tv series which is based on the story of the manga.

The series is written by Naoki Hayashi and he also illustrates the series as per the situation. The anime series is directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi and Passione studio release it. Moreover here we see different producers like Takayuki Nagatani, Jōtarō Ishigami, Yūkō Hirata, etc many more in the series.

The whole series is plotted in a fictional village, named Hinamizawa. The lead character of the show Keiichi Maebara just shifted to this village in 1983 with his best friend Mion Sonozaki. But after some time he observed that the calm, cool village is changing now and within the four years many people were killed or either disappeared. And from here the mystery begins. So, if you do not watch it yet, then you should watch it. If you are a thrill and mystery lover then you must watch this one.

Higurashi SOTSU Episode 9 Release Date of Episode 9 

Episode 9 will officially release on 19th August 2021. So, you just have to wait for four or five days to know what will happen next.

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Higurashi SOTSU Episode 9

Where to Watch?

As with other episodes you can also watch this episode on the Funimation platform. Besides this, some anime platforms also stream this series. But we always suggest you watch it from the official one.

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