Beginning After the End Chapter 118: Release Date, and Read Online.

Beginning After the End Chapter 118 is getting released on 20th August 2021. readers can catch the new chapter on the official website of the manga.

About The Beginning After The End. 

The Beginning After The End is one such manga that has been followed widely internationally. The manga has been written and illustrated by TutleMe with the illustrations being done by Fuyuki 23. The Beginning After The End is a Japanese seasonal comic by Tapas original. It is based on a novel of the same name.

The manga series is translated into 7 different languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese Mandarin, and French. According to the sources, the series is scheduled to get released 3 times a month for season 1. The schedule for seasons 2 and 3 is quite different from that of season 1. The series is scheduled for a weekly release.

Beginning After the End Chapter 118

Plot and story of The Beginning After The End.

The series is based on the life of King Grey. Who in the world of martial ability unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige. In that world, those who are powerful are taken over by solitude. King Grey is a powerful king, but he is a man with no aim, no purpose, and no will from inside. Later King Grey gets reincarnated. With that, he is provided with a second chance to relive his life.


The world where he is born is full of magical powers and monsters. In that world, he is supposed to correct all his past mistakes. But this is not the only challenge that King Grey has to face in the new world. Beneath the prosperity and peace of that world lies a threat of destroying everything that King Grey has worked on so far. This leads to question being raised on his rebirth and his purpose of living.

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Beginning After the End Chapter 118

Beginning After the End Chapter 118 release date, and read manga online. 

Every week a new chapter gets released. We can expect the new next week that is on 20th August 2021. Readers can catch the chapter on the official website of the manga.

The important characters of the manga are Vincent Helstea, Tabitha Helstea, Lilia Helstea, Jamine Flamesworth, Arthur Leywin, Reynolds Leywin, Alice Leywin, and Eleanor Leywin. Besides these characters, several other families are included in manga. These families include Leywin Family, Twin Horns party, Helstea Family, Eralith family, Glayder Family, Greysunders Family. Other characters include Xyrus Academy Students, Xyrus Academy staff, xyrus Adventure’s Guild, Asuras, and Scythes.

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