Kobayashi Dragon Maid Chapter 111: Release Date & Read Manga Online

Kobayashi Dragon Maid Chapter 111 will be out soon although there has been no official announcement from the creators regarding the exact date.

Kobayashi Dragon Maid is a perfect blend of fantasy and comedy. The manga series has received a lot of appreciation lately and for all the right reasons. The comedic misadventures that the protagonist of the series has to deal with are sure to make you chuckle. Let us take a brief look at the plot of the manga series.

Plot Summary:Kobayashi Dragon Maid Chapter 111

Kobayashi is a run-in-the-mill office worker who lives alone in her apartment. Her encounter with a kind-hearted dragon disguised in the form of a human girl leads her to employ Tohru as her assistant/maid. What follows is a fine tale of funny misadventures and awkward situations. You must check out Kobayashi Dragon Maid if the fantasy genre or anime in general appeals to you.

Where to read the manga online?

Kobayashi Dragon Maid is available on a couple of online platforms and websites. Some of the platforms are mentioned below.

  • Kiss Manga
  • Mangadex.com
  • Mangaajar.com
  • Mang owl

You can enjoy reading all the chapters on the websites mentioned above for free.

Kobayashi Dragon Maid Chapter 111 Release Date 

Kobayashi Dragon Maid Chapter 111 is expected to come out soon. As of now, the creators have not revealed the official date of release or the synopsis. We all hope that the upcoming chapters are as good as the previous ones.

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Fans are eagerly waiting for chapters 110 and 111 to release as they all are curious to know how the story will advance further in its course. Although the release date of chapter 110 is announced officially (August 14, 2021), there have not been any revelations about chapter 111. The fans hope to hear from the creators soon.Kobayashi Dragon Maid Chapter 111


The creators of the manga series have kept the fans waiting for the longest of times and simultaneously hyped them up for the upcoming chapters. The official release date is not announced yet but we will let you know as soon as any communique takes place.

Till then, stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for further updates.

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