Digimon Adventure Episode 62: Release Date & Spoiler Discussion

Digimon Adventure Episode 62 is expected to release on August 21, 2021, on Hulu. “Digimon Adventure” episodes release every Saturday in the U.S.

Digimon Adventure or Dejimon Adobenchā is a 1999 Japanese anime television created by Toei Animation with WiZ, Bandai, and Fuji Television.

Digimon Adventure, a reboot anime television series set in the year 2020, first aired on April 5, 2020, in Japan. The main opening theme for all episodes titled “Butter-Fly” by Kōji Wada, topped at #47 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart.

Digimon Adventure Episode 62

Digimon Adventure Episode 62 Release Date

Digimon Adventure Episode 62 is expected to release on August 21, 2021. “Digimon Adventure” episodes release every Saturday in the U.S.

Watch the Show Online

Digimon Adventure Episode 62 will be available for streaming online on Hulu.

Other than this, you can watch on:

Fuji Television, Netflix, U-NEXT, Bandai Channel, Anime Hodai, and Docomo Anime Store in Japan. Crunchyroll began also began streaming the series in April 2020. The anime is also available on Anime Digital Network and J-One in France.

Digimon Adventure Episode 62 SPOILERS

  • Sora and Piyomon help in fostering the barren lands.
  • The squad is attacked by Shakkoumon.
  • Shakkoumon gets drawn into a tragic flashback.
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What Happens

Episode 62 titled “Shakkoumon’s Tears” is scheduled to air on August 21, 2021. Led by her digivice to the barren fields, Sora and Piyomon help Neamon, Junkman, Muchomon, and the others; foster the barren lands. They aspire to transform the barren fields into a Digimon paradise. Taichi and Agumon join them at the location.

Shakkoumo was sleeping beneath the cultivated land somehow by chance and is now angered. He is awake now and is boiling with rage as he begins attacking everyone. Greymon is attacked and injured by Shakkoumu while fighting back, he transforms back into Agumon.

Digimon Adventure Episode 62

This is why Sora and Garudamon later fight against Shakkoumon by themselves. While still fighting against Sora and Garudamon, Shakkoumon gets drawn back into flashbacks and recollections of the ancient war.

These are the same memories that were put away and forgotten by Shakkoumon, to keep his mind at peace. The memory represents a tragic event that happened whilst Shakkoumon and Cupimon were in the middle of a deadly match.

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