Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 9: Special One-Hour Finale Returning in September, Following Three Weeks Hiatus

We are just two episodes away from the completion of yet another mind-boggling season of popular adult animated TV series, Rick and Morty. However, viewers have to wait little longer to watch the new adventures of cynical alcoholic scientist and his grandson. The reports confirmed that the show will go on hiatus following the release of episode 8 on Sunday, August 8, 2021.

Earlier, the report mentioned that the show will be taking a break on Sunday, August 15. @swimpedia on Twitter spotted a new schedule listing, which claims that the fifth season will take the break on the entire month of August. Fans now have to wait at least three weeks to watch the remaining two episodes of the fifth season. If you haven’t watched the previous episodes, then it is the best time to catch-up with Rick and Morty.

When will Rick and Morty, Season 5, Episode 9 return on Adult Swim?

The upcoming episode of Rick and Morty will debut on Sunday, September 5, 2021. Not only episode 9, but fans can watch final episode on the same day. Adult Swim confirmed that there would be a special one-hour season finale, comprising episodes 9 and 10 on September. The series will not return on Sundays, 11 pm EST for next three weekends.

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Rick and Morty’s one-hour season finale consists of two episodes, which are titled Forgetting Sarick Mortshall and Rickmurai Jack, respectively. The title of the ninth episode is reference to popular 2008’s romantic comedy film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Meanwhile, the final episode draws reference to another popular animated series, Samurai Jack.

When and How to Watch Rick and Morty, Season 5, Episode 9?

Rick and Morty’s ninth episode, or one-hour long finale (with episode 10) will premier in September. In order to watch the season finale, fans have to tune into the after-hours programming block of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Also, you can use the cable network username and password to log in to Adult Swim’s adultswim.com to stream the one-hour special in September.

New episodes are also available to stream on Netflix, depending upon your region. If you are in India, then you can watch the latest episodes on Netflix, same time in the US. Also, you can stream the new episodes by paying for the premium subscriptions of several popular Live TV streaming platforms, which includes YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV and Sling TV. The first episode of the fifth season, Mort Dinner Rick Andre, is available for free on YouTube, on Adult Swim’s official channel.

What to expect in Rick and Morty, Season 5, Episode 9 or in an Hour-long Special?

Fans are hoping that the upcoming episodes ties to series’ cannon. Every episode in season five isn’t connected with each other, even with previous seasons. For a long time, fans have been asking for a proper canonical return to their beloved animated series. Rick and Morty’s latest episode, Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort debuted as a big canonical return.

Rick dives into his memory lane and recalls some of his past decisions, and the show kicks off with the return of Birdperson. Birdperson last appeared in the Season 4 finale, where he had huge fight with Rick. Also, Rick decides to fix his former best friend, now turned a foe. Rick even manages to rebuilt Birdperson’s body, but finds his memories missing. He then enters Birdperson’s conscious to get the memory, and then he goes on different memories to restore his best friend’s memory.

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Fans are hoping for another canon in the special one-hour season finale and reintroduce evil Morty. In the next episode, there is a high possibility that a major character from the past makes their return. Like in the movie that the title is referencing, Rick and Morty may find a familiar face in their new adventure, much to each other’s surprise.

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