Painter of the Night Chapter 77: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Painter of the Night Chapter 77 will be released On August 27, 2021. Fans had not anticipated this, but the author had said, it for the greater benefit. Also Read About Solo Leveling Chapter 162 and its updates.

Painter of the Night manhwa is available on Lezhin comics to read. Because some chapters are locked, you’ll need to use coins to unlock them.

Painter of the Night Chapter 77About the Manhwa

Painter of the Night is a famous BL and a Korean yaoi webtoon. This webtoon’s illustrator is Byeonduck. It’s about Na-Kyum, a young painter. He does a lot of sexual male drawings. He also decides to stop painting and publishes all of his pictures under a pseudonym. Seungho, on the other hand, enters his life and forces him to sketch by becoming his personal painter. But Na-Kyum had no idea he’d be doing something he’d never imagined he’d be doing.

Na-kyum is a gifted young painter who specializes in depicting males in sensual poses. Despite having released a few volumes under a pseudonym, he has decided to cease painting. Then Seungho, a young nobleman, enters his life. Na-kyum is forced to work as Seungho’s personal painter, a hell-raiser notorious for his ravenous desire. Being a Seungho sensuous painter, on the other hand, is far beyond anything Na-kyum could have imagined.

The Previous Chapter of Painter of the Night 

People in the village are looking for No-Name in Chapter 76 of Painter of the Night. Yoon Seungho enters at that point and everyone bows. Na-Kyum is trembling on the ground, which Seungho notices. Na-Kyum believes it was someone else and orders him to be set free. And when Seungho realizes it’s him, he relaxes and embraces him.

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No-Name, Lee Jihwa, and Min all meet up in a back room at the same moment. They talk about what they’re going to do. In the following scene, we see Na-Kyum sitting on Lord Seungho’s lap, as Seungho tries to soothe him down. Seungho notices some folks who appear to be interested in music in a way they have never seen before.

Painter of the Night Chapter 77 release date

The second season of Painter of the Night has come to an end with Chapter 76. As the first half of Season 3, the next chapter, Painter of the Night Chapter 77, will be released On August 27, 202.

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