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Martial Peak Chapter 1384 was released on 8 August 2021. It has a rapid schedule of 7 chapters per week. You can read the chapters on Disaster Scans. Also Read About Solo Leveling Chapter 162 and its updates.

Martial Peak, also known as Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, is a Chinese web novel written by the Chinese author Momo. It has over 5950+ written chapters, with the series still ongoing. The manhua has been illustrated by pikapi till 1386 chapters, with translation by Natsu.

Martial Peak Chapter 1384


The Martial World is a vast and vivid world. The journey to the Martial Peak is a lonely, solitary, and long one. The story follows Yang Kai, a lowly sweeper with no cultivation powers. He obtains a black book, which sets on the path to reach Martial Peak. High Heaven Pavillion tests and trains its disciples in very harsh and strict ways to prepare them for this journey.

The manhua will follow the adventures of Yang Kai as he faces various adversities on his way to reach the peak of the Martial world. He will encounter many people and have to fight against many evils to reach his final destination.

Main Characters

Martial Peak Chapter 1384

The story mainly revolves around Yang Kai, a simple Trial Disciple of the High Heaven Pavilion. He is also the ninth Young Master of the Yang Family, which is one of the eight great families of the Great Han Dynasty. One day, he comes to obtain a mysterious Black Book. The book turns out to contain the legacy of the Great Demon God. The book fixes his genetic defect of not having any cultivating powers and allows him to practice Martial Arts. 

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He meets many people on his way to excel in Martial Arts. Later events would also put him on the path to become a true Divine Spirit. He becomes heaven-defying and goes on to reach the peak of Martial Arts.

Martial Peak Chapter 1384 release date

Chapter 1384, titled Stay Put If You Don’t Want To Die, was released on 8 August 2021. You can read the translated manhua chapter on Disaster Scans. You can also read the chapter on many fan translation websites as well.

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