Tower of God Chapter 503: Release Date, Raw and Read Manga Online

Tower of God Chapter 503 is expected to be released on Tuesday, 10th August 2021. Tower of God is a cartoon series, originally in Korean. 

This series is commonly known by the name “Slave. In. Utero” (SIU). Its first chapter was Talise Uzer Universe in 2010, and since then, it has maintained its outstanding legacy of astonishing the audience with the content!

Tower of God is made in Korean dialect, but it is later translated into a few of the most spoken languages globally to avail more audience access to it.

Tower of God Chapter 503

Tower of God Chapter 503 release Date

Some reliable sources say that it is expected to be released on Tuesday, 10th August 2021.

Read Manga Online

Tower of God Chapter 503 can be read online on platforms like Manga Online, Naver, and Webtoon. Tower of God Chapter 503 is available for free on online platforms Naver and Webtoon from when it is released. 

Raw Data

Though Tower of God Chapter 503 is not officially released, some of the spoilers are mentioned underneath by some verified sources.

Bam was all alone till the time he met Rachel. Rachel decides to climb the Tower and do so, and she is even ready to break her ties with Bam. After Rachel’s pursued her dream, Bam couldn’t resist himself and went climbing the Tower to get together again.

The Tower is a menacing place full of unfortunate fascinations. Every floor of the Tower has protections by Administrators, who test the people coming on the Tower by putting them in disastrous situations to test their full potential.

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tower of god, Chapter 476 - English Scans

When Bam approaches Headon on the first floor, he gets to know that he is capable of entering the Tower, and all thoughts of him would be manifested in reality, on the top of the Tower. When he reaches on top of the Tower, it could even be the desire to reunite Rachel.

What happens next is expected to be very interesting. So do read it online to get to know more about, on 10th August 2021.

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