Who is JoJo Hailey’s Daughter, Sakoya Wynter?

Sakoya Wynter’s name recently hit the headlines with her introduction in the 11th episode of the sixth season of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’, an American reality show. The show features children who have at least one parent who are famous celebrities. Her addition to the show’s lineup has received mixed reviews from viewers.

Who is Sakoya Wynter?

Sakoya Wynter is an R&B singer-songwriter that debuted in 2020. She has two albums released on Spotify, along with a few singles. Apart from this, she is also active on social media with a YouTube channel. Her album, ‘The Coldest’ and the repackage album ‘The Coldest 2’ are big hits. 

Her latest single, ‘Self Love’ is loved  by many fans. As told by her, the song is inspired by heartbreak while learning to love yourself without limits. The music video has a cool tone, and the lyrics are also very uplifting with her soulful singing. Her music interests are also focused on R&B and Hip Hop, with Summer Walker, Kanye West, Drake and Lil’ Child as her favorite artists.

More on JoJo Hailey

She is signed under JT Entertainment, which is owned by her father JoJo Hailey. JoJo Hailey was famous as a R&B duo group with his brother K-Ci Hailey as ‘K-Ci and JoJo’. The two brothers were also a part of a quarter called ‘Jodeci’, and were famous in the early 90s and 2000s. Jojo is a Grammy-winning multi-platinum recording artist.

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However, he has gone through his own set of difficulties with alcoholism, and a strained relationship with his brother. In 2010, a documentary featuring the two brothers called ‘K-Ci & JoJo… Come Clean’ was aired on TV One. It showcased the brothers’ battle with alcoholism and them trying to mend their relationship to make a comeback.

After battling his issues, JoJo, with his wife Tashunda Hailey, set up his entertainment company JT Entertainment in 2020. He signed several artists to his company, including his daughter Sakoya and her younger sister, known as ‘Tiny Hailey’. The company helped Sakoya launch her music career.

She is not only an Artist, but also a proud Mother

Apart from being an artist, Sakoya is also a proud mother. Though not confirmed, it is rumored that the father of the baby is the famous Brandon Jennings, former professional basketball player of the NBA. He played for 9 seasons in the NBA, shifting between various teams. He played his last match on August 1, 2018. But they had broken up after dating for just two months in 2009. She has also not revealed the baby’s identity, and only revealed the information on the show.

Mixed Reviews on her feature in Growing Up Hip Hop

The possibility that Brandon Jennings might be the father came from her feature episode of Growing Up Hip Hop, where she had stirred quite the drama with Angela Simmons. In her first episode, she had openly expressed the existing tension between her and Angela. Later on, she also got into a tense argument with Angela’s sister-in-law Tanice Simmons. This is the reason that many fans of the show have expressed their discomfort with Sakoya in the show.

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She had told the camera crew that Angela’s ex-boyfriend Daniel Jacobs is the father of her kid, which ignited the drama in the first place. She shares with Tanice and Savannah that Angela was involved with Daniel. She also blames Angels for her unfixed relationship with Daniel. This in turn angers Tanice, which caused quite the tension in the show.

But reports from different news outlets later disclosed that the father might actually be Brandon Jennings. A private person, Sakoya has not revealed much about her life, only hinting about it in the show. Her age is also not known, nor is the identity of her baby. She has kept her personal life away from cameras and spotlight. 

Fans have called out her behavior on the show, calling it rude and unnecessary for her to go after a relative when Angela was not there. However, she has defended it by saying that Tanice had started it first. Fans are worrying whether her actions and behavior might bring unnecessary drama to the show.

Growing up Hip Hop

Growing Up Hip Hop is a reality show that showcases the lives of the children of famous hip hop legends. The show’s cast include stars like Angela Simmons, whose father is Run D.M.C’s Rev Run, her sister Vanessa Simmons, Egypt Criss, Daughter of Pepa from Salt-n-Pepa and Treach of Naughty by Nature, Damon “boogie” Dash, the son of music mogul Damon Dash, and a few more. All of them are close knit friends. The show depicts their struggles as a celebrity kid and how they go around it.

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The show has had a run of six seasons, and is filled with quite a lot of drama. It is a show well enjoyed by many fans of hip hop across the world. The sixth season premiered on May 13, 2021, and the eleventh episode of the season featured Sakoya’s introduction as a new member.

Though there is some lingering tension with her entry in the show, fans are also hoping that the issues get resolved. Growing Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 pm EST on WeTV.

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