Honey Lemon Soda Chapter 59: Release Date, Raw & Read Manga Online

The Honey Lemon Soda manga is currently underway as chapter 58 is the latest. It’s a refreshing manga that doesn’t fit the story in a straightforward way. You will love the characters and you will feel connected to the story. Honey Lemon Soda Chapter 59 is expected to be released soon. The drama of Mayu Murata & manga love was published in the manga magazine industry.

Honey Lemon Soda Chapter 59: Story

Ishimori Uka is a very timid girl and has a secure home life. This makes him stand out as a social outcast and makes him a victim of unpleasant things in his middle school life. When an opportunity arises between him and a boy with lemon-colored hair, he is moved to choose the same high school he attended. With this, the lie benefits us from the story of Ishimori Uka trying to get out of his shy man and become friends with Miura Kai – a boy with lemon-colored hair.

Honey Lemon Soda Chapter 59: Release Date, Raw and Read Manga Online

Honey Lemon Soda Chapter 59: Characters

Ishimori Uka honestly is a refuge for learning about it. He starts out as a shy, self-disciplined person but when Miura Kai gives him the right momentum he starts to grow into a self-expressing person. In the end, he is not hesitant to express his feelings and to communicate with others. There is the slow character development of Uka on display. As you continue to learn the lie, you can’t help but feel proud of him for coming so far.

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Miura Kai is a mystery. You don’t feel sorry for him until he gets to the point. You see him as a protector of the Uka species and the way his character handles difficult things makes you love him. You are a good, beautiful actor and will grab your attention. I like that there is so much more to him than meets the eye. It keeps things interesting.

Honey Lemon Soda Chapter 59: Release Date, Raw and Read Manga Online

What do I like about Honey Lemon Soda?

I like it so far because when you see the foundation you will think it is a theme that we have tried and made many times in the world of shoujo. But what makes this different is my opinion of the characters of this lie and how they progress in the story. We encounter all kinds of games with unpleasant characters.

Being caught is not fun at first. There is no such thing as a bad character in this lie, rather the author has taken a creative approach that shows the character’s growth in each character. It makes things easier for you and doesn’t give you bad feelings while reading this lie.

The title of the manga comes from the fact that Kai always carries lemon juice and Uka expresses the refreshing feelings he had felt when he met Kai. And her feelings for her are like that of honey so we have Honey Lemon Soda.

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