Beginning After the End Chapter 115: Release Date & Read Manga Online

The new chapter is released every week. Beginning After the End Chapter 115 will be released on the 6th of August.

The Beginning After The End is a Korean manhwa comic released on January 18, 2017. At first, it was an epic fantasy web novel written by TurtleMe. It also has a webcomic version that was illustrated by Fuyuki23. It is available on the popular webcomic platform Tapas.

Beginning After the End Chapter 115: Storyline

The comic follows the life of King Grey, a strong and wealthy king with prestige. However, he lingers with sadness, devoid of any purpose and will. He dies an untimely and mysterious death.

He is reborn as Arthur Leywin in Dicather, a vibrant continent full of magical creatures. With his knowledge of his previous life, he leads his life in this new world and goes on many adventures, which helps him gain purpose. 


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To find his true place and purpose, he begins his long journey through this new world, with the help of a lost elf princess and the Elven Kingdom of Elenoir. Arthur soon gets more comfortable with this new world and the people around him, growing up as a respected young boy.

However, a brewing war between Dicather and Vritra, who are a clan of banished deities who rule a faraway continent, makes him take on a new adventure.

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With the situations he faces, he is forced to rise as a leader, though he is worried he would be the same monster he was in his previous life. He also discovers a hidden secret— that he was not reborn by chance, and nor was he the only one. He has to navigate through all the predicaments on his way to save this world and not become like his past life.

Beginning After the End Chapter 114 Discussion

With this comic, you are introduced to a number of characters. The main protagonist is Arthur Leywin, a boy who is the reincarnated form of King Grey, a war-headed monster who died a mysterious death. His experiences in the new world change him as a person, but circumstances keep bringing him back to his ruthless past.


Through his adventures, we get to meet many characters like the Leywin family, the members of the Elven Kingdom and Dicather, and the banished gods of Vritra. Many of them have different power, and some are elves as well.

Beginning After the End Chapter 115 Release Date and where to read

The comic was updated monthly for season 1 but then changed to weekly for season 2 and season 2. It is now back to its weekly release schedule and is expected to be released on Friday, August 6, 2021, at 12:00 AM KST. Depending on your time zone, the release date may vary.

You can read the official update on the Tapas Media Website, both the website and the mobile app. You can unlock one chapter per day, so you can read the latest chapter once it’s released. However, to read the other chapters, you will have to buy ‘Ink’ on the platform. The comic is available in English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese Mandarin, and French.

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