Video: 2 Colorado Officer ARRESTED after CHOKING and Pistol Whip Suspect

Another video has gone viral in Colorado and as an effect, two police officer was arrested by their own department. A policeman was trying to take a man into custody and showing him a pistol where the other police person was unable to stop him to do that. Basically, in the previous year, a law was passed where this kind of activity was strictly disallowed and now that policeman broke the rules and that’s why he has to suffer these judicial problems.

So, if you are interested to know more about this incident then go through this article till the end. After reading the whole one I hope you get all the necessary information regarding this incident.

About the whole incident in Colorado

Basically, two police officers named Haubert and Martinez investigated a trespassing case and for this case, they have encountered three suspects but before arresting them, they managed to escape from there. But the third one named Kyle Vinson was caught by the officers. The whole footage was recorded on the bodycam of those officers.

Here we see, the victim Kyle Vinson didn’t force or something else with the officers, but Mr. Haubert the on-duty police officer used his pistol on Vinson and Martinez used his physical force and power against him. But Martinez didn’t use any firearm on Vinson.

In that video, we saw that Vinson was physically assaulted, and Haubert connect the muzzle of the gun in Vinson’s face. Blood comes from his face badly and he was injured very much on this.

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After the arrest, the police officers are released by signing a $1,000 bond.

What is the condition of Kyle Vinson now?

As per the news, the condition of Vinson is not serious now. After this incident, immediately he was moved to a hospital, and there he was six stitches on his head. But besides this, he is perfectly all right now.

But it’s very interesting to watch what happened in the future on this issue. Still, then Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest updates.

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