One Piece Chapter 1021: Release Date and Read Manga Online

One Piece Chapter 1021 is expected to be released on August 8, 2021, comprises momentous facts from the east blue to the enthralling new exciting worlds.

A huge description of the series is available on Manga Online, you can refer to it for in-depth details.

Overview of the theme of One Piece

The series “One Piece” emphasizes Monkey D. Luffy (commonly known as Luffy), who is a young man, inspired by his childhood idol and a powerful pirate Red Haired Shanks, is ready to set off on a journey from the East Blue Sea in search of the titular treasure and manifest himself as the King of the Pirates.

In a pre-eminent effort to organize his own crew, known as the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy rescues and befriends a swordsman whose name is Roronoa Zoro, and together they head off to scrounge for the One Piece.


They are now accompanied in their journey by Nami, who is a navigator and a thief. Ussop, a sniper and a pathological liar; and Vinsmoke Sanji, a perverted chef (who cooks delicious delicacies).

They acquire a ship, the name of which is “Going Merry” and engage in skirmishes with notorious pirates of the East Blue Sea. As Luffy and his crew set out on their adventures, others join the crew later in the series.

Later members of the group

  • Tony Tony Chopper, who is a doctor and anthropomorphized reindeer.
  • Nico Robin, an archaeologist, and former assassin.
  • Franky, a cyborg shipwright.
  • Brook, a skeletal musician, and swordsman.
  • Jimbei, a fisherman helmsman, and former member of the Seven War Lords of the Sea.
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Once the Going Merry becomes damaged beyond repair, then the journey ironically becomes merry! The Straw Hat Pirates acquire a new ship named the Thousand Sunny. Together, they encounter other pirates, bounty hunters, criminal organizations, revolutionaries, secret agents and soldiers of the corrupt World Government, and various other friends and foes, as they sail the seas in the path of striving their dreams.

One Piece Chapter 1021 release Date

The release of One Piece Chapter 1021was delayed because of the Olympics in Japan but it won’t get more delayed as it is officially announced that it will be released on August 8, 2021, Sunday.

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