OLA Electric Scooter – Booking, Price, Launch Date and Everything You Need to Know

Ola, a so-called taxi services company or aka an app-cab company is now going to advance their company. A few weeks ago Ola had announced an Electric scooter which gonna be India’s most powerful and value-for-money electric scooter.

So, in today’s article, we gonna talk about the price, bookings, launch date, and many more regarding this upcoming electric scooter. So, if you are interested to know more about this amazing automobile product then definitely go through this article till the end. After reading the whole one I hope you will get all the necessary information about it. Moreover, you can easily decide that should you buy it or not.

About this Electric Scooter

As we experience a hike in the price of petrol and diesel, that’s why most of the regular two-wheeler or four-wheeler person want an alternative option. And at this particular moment, Ola introduces a brand new electric scooter which can definitely solve this problem.

As we see from the last few years, battery-supported scooters and cycles are in high demand. Some other companies had already launched some electric scooters and now Ola has come into this field with their full potential.

For this, Ola already acquired a Dutch electric automobile company named Etergo Bv and now these two basically work together in India to manufacture the electric scooters.

The whole process of manufacturing is done in Tamilnadu, India. The officials of Ola claimed that they can manufacture almost 10 million units yearly which is really a huge number.

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But the most important for electric vehicles is changing points. Without charging points, the vehicles are literally useless. For this, Ola is initially going to install almost 100,000 hyper charging stations in over 400 cities around the whole India.

Now, let’s talk about the main features of this scooter.

OLA Electric Scooter Key Features

The officials confirmed that the Ola scooters can be almost 75 kilometers in a single charge. And it gives almost 80 kilometers per hour maximum speed which is really great for electric two-wheelers.

Moreover, if you charge this scooter with an Ola Hypercharger then it takes only 18 minutes to full.

Here you get two LED lights in the front and also get LED lights in the back. Besides this, here you get extra space under the sit which really a great feature that we don’t get in any other electric scooters.

OLA Electric Scooter Booking

You can book your scooter from the official website of Ola by just paying Rs. 499. If you book early then you get the scooter when it launch. Otherwise, you may have to wait for some time as it’s in high demand.

You can also cancel your pre-registration and get back your registration amount. For this, you have to wait for just 7-10 working days.

OLA Electric Scooter Price & Launch Date

So, initially, here you get three different models which start from Rs. 80-85k. And you may see the best variant is Rs. 110k. Though the price point is still not properly disclosed the range is surely in between these.

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The launch date is still not disclosed by the company but it must be released within a few months.

So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest updates.

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