Black Clover Chapter 301: Release Date and read Manga Online

Magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump has got something unpleasant to announce, that unfortunately, Black Clover Chapter 301 is not going to air this, and it was revealed that the series might be on one-week hiatus. Anyhow the manga would be back to its reader after one week’s break so, do not miss the latest chapter.


When will Chapter 301 is released?

According to the source, Manga Plus Black Clover chapter 301 is going to release on August 1, 2021, and released at midnight according to Japanese Standard Time. The manga was given 9.7/10 that explains how popular the series is. The series offers a great deal of action and adventure, which is why it is popular all over the world. The Series is available on Viz Media and Manga PLUS.

Why was the delay?

According to speculations, the Weekly Shonen Magazine is going to be on break for one week. This is not something fans should worry about in fact they announced one week break due to the Olympics. Here we can assume that Shonen magazine might put more stress and focus on the Olympics and they would presume with manga automatically.

Chapter 300 recap

Chapter 300 is titled ” Beyond Tenacity ” In this Chapter protagonist Asta joins the battle at the right time. Creator, Yuki Tabata used cleverly introduced the protagonist into the scene. In the previous scene, Noelle Silva was fighting against the devil, Megicula.

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Megicula does not understand what is the deal with this mere human Noelle, she was intrigued by his effort not to give up, instead, he insists on still fighting with her. He says that he wants to be on his knees and cry but he still insists on fighting, states that if he gives up he is never going to win. (Black Clover Chapter 301)

Noelle states that it is a human thing that she would never understand anyway. He is determined to fight until he has no strength left in him. Devil Megicula changes her plan to blow up the kingdom Lolopechka, and she makes sure that everyone would die in the castle.

Rest assured, help from our protagonist arrives at the right moment to save the LOLOPECHKA Kingdom, Noelle from that devil. Her plan to destroy everything was interrupted by him and now she is in trouble.

Black Clover Chapter 301

What to expect in chapter 301

This is the very moment that fans have been waiting for, unfortunately, fans have to wait for another week for Asta and Noelle’s reunion. Asta will face the opponent Megicula with Noelle. Although Noelle is terribly injured he might do his part as well.

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