Who is Julia Rose? Jake Paul Girlfriend and Everything About Her

Are you asking yourself Who is Julia Rose? It seems like Jake Paul and Julia Rose are a perfect match with regards to their relationship that got revealed publicly! Despite the fact that it only lasted for a short period of time, Julia continues having a huge impact on her social media page. Let’s find out about her life, profession, and her relationship with jake paul.

Who is Julia Rose

Who Is Julia Rose?

Julia Rose was born on December 30, 1993, in New Orleans, Louisiana. She belongs to a pretty conservative family, From a young age, she wanted to attain huge success and fame in the entertainment world, so she left her hometown in her mid-20s.

She first received the spotlight, as a contestant in the MTV reality show ‘Are You the One?’ where she partnered up with her fellow contestant Stephen McHugh, these two dated briefly after the show but it didn’t last long. Presently she is the founder, chairman, and CEO of ShagMag, an online magazine that is about the life of millennial playboys.

Who is Julia Rose

How she got Popularity?

On October 27, 2019, Julia and her friend, a social media star Lauren Summer sparked controversy by flashing their bottoms at Game 5 of the World Series. Then, at that point, Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole resumed the match and made sure they get banned and leave the show, as the match will not continue with two of them being there! She later confessed in an interview that it was a preplanned stunt just for getting attention and they didn’t mean to disrespect anybody! (Who is Julia Rose)

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This wasn’t the end of it, She sparked another controversy for consistently posting naked photographs on her Instagram account, as a result, her Instagram got banned temporarily. It was at the end of January 2021 that she came back to Insta under the name @its_juliaroseee.

Furthermore, in February, Rose and YouTuber Jack Tenney were arrested for illegally changing Los Angeles’ renowned “Hollywood” sign to “Hollyboob”, mocking the sign.

Who is Julia Rose

Who is Julia Rose and her Net Worth

Julia works as a model and had likewise shown up on season 4 of MTV’s dating series “Are you The One?”. She has been the brand ambassador for many popular brands as a model and has participated in the SI bathing suit issue. In addition, she is also the founder and CEO of Shagmag magazine. (Who is Julia Rose)

Before becoming a model, she worked as a bartender in Hotels. She additionally has a YouTube channel named SHAGMAG TV with 275k followers. Moreover, she has acquired a lot of popularity from her Instagram, where she has over 3.8 million followers. She has promoted different brands on her page, which has added to her profit. Starting in 2020, Julia Rose has total assets of around $500 thousand.

Jake Paul and Julia Rose Relationship details

In February 2020, It was publicly announced that Rose was dating Jake Paul. The news came out as a big shock for jake paul fans as Jake paul recently got married to popular youtube vlogger, Tana Mongeau in an extreme sensational Vegas wedding!

The couple announced their relationship publicly on Instagram in March, with Paul telling the world, “New Jeep – new substance – new sweetheart – new life.”

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In a meeting with Impulsive, Rose uncovered that she initially met Paul when she was filming for Jake Paul’s music video for “These days.”

Check out the video here:

Reason for their Break Up

Before the end of March, Paul showed up on his sibling Logan’s video blog and revealed that the couple had parted their ways. “I’m hungover, discouraged, and devastated in light of the fact that my girlfriend left me since I’m a fucking loser,” he told the camera. “Julia in case you’re watching this, kindly take me back.”

He added: “Folks in case you’re seeing someone, don’t underestimate what you have.”

In a video shared on Jake’s YouTube channel, he disclosed to his viewers that he is as of now discouraged and extremely sad, but he is working out and having fun with his brother Logan paul. The two choose to have a race in the mountains and also filmed some pretty fun videos with vehicles, fire weapons and were having the time of their lives. (Who is Julia Rose)

Rose revelation about her split with jake paul

Rose had continued on to dating Australian actor Harry Jowsey, however, it turns out that he was only a bounce back. In November, Jake and Julia got back together. Jowsey disclosed to The Hollywood Fix he found her cheating on him while they were dating through her social media.

He revealed that he feels extremely stupid that she broke up with him because he’s stupid and an idiot! He desperately wants her to get back to him and says that if she’s watching this then please take him back!

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We don’t know whether her relationship status has changed over the most recent couple of months or not! (Who is Julia Rose)

Who is Julia Rose

Allegations against Julia Rose

Since this stuff came out, Julia had been involved with Harry Jowsey, who later accused her of going behind his back with her ex Jake Paul.

In any case, both Jake Paul and Julia have been trying to deny these cheating allegations, and she even expressed that she had said a final farewell to Jowsey because of certain “red flags” she felt in their relationship, Harry Jowsey is currently seen in the Netflix show “Too hot to handle” and is an online media influencer too. (Who is Julia Rose)

Presently, with new allegations coming up against Julia cheating on Jake Paul, the two appear to have separated once more. Julia had additionally recently appeared in an interview with Canadian web character and TV host Kyle Forgeard, she expressed her feelings of People regarding her as a Cheater who has been cheating around with two-man, she revealed that people are too fast to make a quick judgment in regards to her and it makes her really depressed and sad, as being a public figure and in a relationship that catches people attention.

it’s not that easy as it seems and she’s been trying to live her best life after all these chaotic things that have happened recently in her life, she’s been focusing on her career as a model and her organization and says that she is happy being single now!

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