Reasons Behind Massive Germany Floods and its Worst Hit Areas

Almost hundreds of people in Germany have lost their lives due to an environmental catastrophe and several went missing. Floods have swept away the buildings and it was the major cause of casualties.

What are the reasons for floods?

Scientists believe that water blocked at the highest altitude by the cold temperatures was one of the major causes of heavy rainfall. Global warming is also one of the reasons responsible for this disaster exactly in the same way humans are equally responsible for global warming, ultimately, humans are the ones to blame.

Reasons Behind Massive Germany Floods and its Worst Hit Areas

Germany was recorded with the highest rainfall between 100 – 150 millimeters from the past 4 days, as a result, small rivers were filled and overflowing. The flow hit the buildings with high intensity apparently the buildings were collapsed and people were severely injured, many of them were dead.

The places affected by floods 

We can not control the weather system but at least we must be alert and take preventive measures. The reports reveal that west Germany, Rhineland, and North-Rhine- Westphalia are the places affected by the flood. The areas located near River MEUSE, River Rhine, River AHN and are also on this list.

Firstly the buildings were constructed in the wrong place but whenever such situations occur the disaster management was supposed to alert people none of that has been done. Also, the people were lenient about the flood even though the rivers are overflowing at an alarming rate and there was no sufficient equipment to rescue people however, the damage was already done.

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Not just Germany but Belgium was affected by the heavy rainfall resulting in floods that took many people away. The number of deaths rose to 27. The southern part of Belgium was the most affected unlike Germany the Belgium disaster departments have responded fast and they have supplied food and water bottles.

Reasons Behind Massive Germany Floods and its Worst Hit Areas

Switzerland is not exceptional from this catastrophe, in the same way, the continuous rain led to an overflow of lakes. The federal government of Switzerland has warned and made them aware of the situation in northwestern parts of Switzerland. Despite the damage, the governments must put stress on saving people.

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