Is JoJo Siwa Gay? TikTok Star’s ‘Best Gay Cousin Ever’ Shirt Breakdown

YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa has shared some posts on her social media, which implies that she is gay. Siwa’s fans and many celebrities are supporting her luck after she came out publicly. But there are still some people who are asking, Is JoJo Siwa Gay? We have the definitive for all those people. Keep Reading to Find out whether Is JoJo Siwa Gay or not?

Is JoJo Siwa Gay? Breakdown of The T-Shirt

Recently the 17-year-old star has posted a TikTok video dancing on Lady Gaga’s LGBTQ anthem ‘Born This Way. In that video, she had worn multicolored jumpers and her hair bows were covered with rainbows.

Siwa also posted a picture on Twitter captioning ‘My Cousin Got Me A New Shirt’. In that picture Siwa was seen wearing a shirt, on which “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” was printed. Celebrities like Lil Nas X have supported her on the post by commenting “if you spell “swag” backward, it’s “gay”, coincidence??”

On Thursday 21st January 2021, Siwa posted a photo on Instagram,  where she wore a rainbow Gucci track jacket. In that post, Luke Eisner, Paris Hilton, and many of her fans congratulated and wished her support. Siwa was giving hints perfectly through this post. And for those who were asking, Is JoJo Siwa Gay? Now you have your answer.

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Brief History of Siwa

Is JoJo Siwa Gay? Breakdown of TikTok Star's 'Best Gay Cousin Ever' Shirt

Siwa rose to fame in Dance Moms. Then in 2016, she raised her career as a YouTuber at the age of 13. Her song BOOMERANG has crossed billions of views. She was seen in Nickelodeon’s TV movie Blurt in 2017.

Siwa also performed in Lip Sync Battle Shorties and The Masked Singer as the youngest contestant ever. Siwa was on the list of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2020.

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