JoJolion is Going to End Next Month, Find Out More Details.

This long-running successful manga was created by HIROHIKO ARAKI and it has been released almost every month for a decade on Ultra Jump magazine. It is unfortunate to hear JOJOLION has come to end and will never be back to its fans. Afterward, from the recent leaks, we suspect that it might be the case. Read more to find out further details.

The Latest Chapter 109

The latest episode would be released on July 16, 2021. All you need to wait for just a few hours so be patient until its release. However, fans might be really upset after knowing it would end anyway on August 19 but I believe the ARAKI would do his best so the fans won’t be disheartened by the ending.

JoJolion is going to end Next month, find out more details.

In the previous episode, we have seen KAATO has completely transferred her disease to Toru. However, the damage has already been done now Toru is at death’s bed. The villain, Toru is dead which hints it might end.

When will JOJOLION end? 

The main theme of this manga is solving the curse and it was perfectly designed in such a way that it would repeat till the end. Solving the curse is the ultimate goal of the plot so, if the curse was lifted, it would be the end.

There were speculations all over the internet that manga will come to end with its final chapter 110 by August and fans might have already prepared for this news. Apparently, it has to end at some point, and also no response either from ARAKI or the Ultra magazine.

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JoJolion is going to end Next month, find out more details.

Apparently, the speculation was started by a Japanese blog but still, we need the official announcement from the magazine or the ARAKI. From the previous episodes, we have seen the plot was simple rather than complex one and some of the characters had a tragic end.

Will there be a Part 9?

JOJOLION was one of the best works in ARAKI’s career, the manga was actually divided into 8 parts in which the eighth one was the longest and might be the ending one. If there is a new part it would be an independent story so, it again requires a new script. It is too soon to picture for another part. Let us wait for the official news.

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