Who is Vanessa Villanueva? 5 SHOCKING Facts About Chris Pérez’s Ex-Wife

Guys, we all are very well aware of the famous American musician cum guitarist cum our famous songwriter Christopher Gilbert.

He has made billions of fans all around the world for his amazing work and success in the field of music.

Who is Vanessa Villanueva? 5 SHOCKING Facts About Chris Pérez's Ex-Wife

The guitarist has to be known also for their various love affairs and marriages which are quite controversial encounters a lot of times.

He has indeed amazingly made a lot of his contributions in musical groups such as  Kumbia Kings from the year 2003  to 2006) followed by Selena y Los Dinos from 1989 to  1991) and many more.


Christ was first married in the year 1992 to Selena but sadly the marriage didn’t last due to the sudden death of Selena.

Who is Vanessa Villanueva? 5 SHOCKING Facts About Chris Pérez's Ex-Wife

Moreover, the love story that both of them have shared is far more romantic than anyone has ever experienced.

We see that in his book quite a lot of times when he spoke about how he first met her and how things were so good between them as it was the best thing that ever happened to anyone else

In his book, he mentioned about he was being fired from the musical group just because of Selena and his relationship

The love story was caught on the courage and eventually led to their destiny, I.e marriage,

Selena was also the story writer, songwriter,. and a very famous musician just like him but died, leading Chris to a state of devastation and emptiness. l leading to alcohol consumption and drugs.

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But soon, after that, Perez constructed his new albums named Chris Perez Band.

The band published red many if only two albums throughout, which are famously known as Resurrection and Una Noche Más and that album received him a Grammy Award.

But we were unaware that he will find the new love very soon, but when and who? You’ll just find out.


WHO IS Vanessa Villanueva? CHRIST SECOND WIFE 

After several years of Selena’s demise, people were in a state of awe when Christ has announced his marriage to Vanessa Villanueva in 2002.

It has bought with him a shock to the whole music industry and musical groups in America.

Who is Vanessa Villanueva? 5 SHOCKING Facts About Chris Pérez's Ex-Wife

But who is Vanessa Villanueva? Well, we will about to find out.

Vanessa is an American Actress born in texas, the USA currently ages 50 years. She is known for her various roles in many films and also she has established business.


Venessa Villanueva owns an annual net income calculated to be around $100,000.

It is beloved that she advanced some revenue through working and possibly benefitted from the achievements of her spouse during their time jointly and married.


After marriage, they had two children, the first was born in the year 1998,

The firstborn was a daughter whose name is Cassie Gabrielle Perezhe and now she is working as a Medical Aesthetician near Massage Envy in the USA.


During their parents’ divorce, Cassie kept up with her mama. However, the lady has protected from giving her time with her papa Chris for consolation.

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We can find that when she posted humorous images on her social media accounts.

This was after their divorce in 2008 and the crazy fact was that christ Perez has committed his whole life towards Selena, his first love, and Christ has remained to stay with them

We in this world never see how difficult is for the person to get over their first love but he did and yes, that might look crazy but that’s what love is all about, it stays

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