The Honor student at magic high school Episode 3 Release date , spoilers, watch online

As we all know The honor student at magic high school originally was a Light novel by a popular novelist, TSUTOMU SATO and it was published on the novel publishing website “SHOSETSUKA NI NARO”.

In the previous episode, we saw the students were so nervous and highly strung as the entrance test is approaching. People who present at the Matriculation ceremony were totally impressed by Shiba’s performance at the school.

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Where to watch The honor student at magic high school

The episodes are scheduled to air on the following networks, Tokyo Max, GTV, and GYT and the show are available and if you are someone from outside Japan, you can easily access Funimation.

Episode 2 recap

The episode begins with the intro theme song composed by TAKU IWASAKI, the opening scene is that all the students at high school are tensed as the entrance exam is near, and they had to practice a lot to do best in the exam. Meanwhile, Shiba arrives and attracts everyone at the school with just her presence.

Shiba has delivered a perfect speech at the MATRICULATION CEREMONY, she has received many compliments at school for being a model student at school, now this time she attracted people and student president with her eloquent speech. HONOKA another student chases after Shiba and wants to befriend Shiba.

The Honor student at magic high school Episode 3 Release date , spoilers, watch online

HONOKA was in rush to introduce herself to Shiba, but she failed to create a good impression. That was an absolute failure and the other students mocked her for being ditzy. Instead, Shiba offers to help her and in the end, she has succeeded to introduce herself.

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Now it is already time for lunch so they go to the cafeteria for lunch but it was completely packed. Some of the course 1 students make the course 2 students leave the table while having their lunch and they claim that they have done this because Shiba can have her lunch peacefully, this is so stupid of them.

HONOKA starts to tell about TATSUYA’s special magic powers and Shiba starts to reveal the back story of why they both have decided to stick together and never part their ways. HONOKA wants to let everybody know how talented TATSUYA is and she also knew she had to use another approach.

when will episode 3 is released?

The upcoming episode would be aired on 17th July 2021 so set your dates. You can watch the show on TOKYO MAX, GTV, GYT also “Aniplex” has purchased the streaming rights so you stream the episodes on Aniplex. It is also available on Funimation. Stay informed with Stanford Arts Review for more spoilers.

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