Dillon The Hacker Death: Cause of Death and PewDiePie’s Heartfelt Response

Griffin Alexander Claus also goes by Dillon The Hacker was an American Youtuber famous for trolling and a VLogger. He came into the limelight after making the ranting videos of PewDiePie as well as Smosh, and many others. After trolling many famous YouTubers, he gained many followers and haters as well. Dillon Prescott Henderson was reported dead in 2019 by a tweet. The cause of the death is unknown and it was supposed to be suicide. His best friend, BG Kumbi, regrets not having communication with him at that time.

Personal Life

Dillon Prescott Henderson was born on October 14, 1998, in Covington, Louisiana. He never mentioned his father, mother, or siblings in any of his posts or videos. According to the research, his father is a supervisor in an offshore oil rig and was too busy to know about his videos. His mother does not know about Youtube but sometimes listened to him while making the videos.

Dillon The Hacker Death: Cause of Death and PewDiePie’s Heartfelt Response

His best friend Kevin also goes by BG Kumbi, is his school buddy. He explains his videos to her mother. He supported his videos and promoted his channel to help him gain fans and fame. Dilan was in a relationship since May 23, 2014, with Pupinia Stewart. He was somehow serious with her and even exclaimed that they will rule the world. But because of some personal reasons, she broke up with him in 2015 and he did not get into any other relationship.

YouTube and Dillon

On April 1, 2014, Dillon created the YouTube channel “Dillon The Hacker” and uploaded his first video.  The video rants about PewDiePie and gains 111000+ viewers in the first week. His popularity started gaining pace and he trolls many other YouTubers. Dillon warned 4chan about his professional career. As a result, John Smith ruptured his YouTube account and left with just only 10 videos.

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Griffin made videos about hating PewDiePie and Bro Army even though he later released a video for the apology but it was also fabricated. In 2016, his channel got suspended but he claimed it back thanks to PewDiePie. He started becoming friends with him and even went to meet him but that was not very pleasing. According to him, they were treating him like a fangirl. As a result, he again started trolling PewDiePie.

With the controversy between PewDiePie and T-Series, Dillon claimed that he founded T-Series to beat PewDiePie. He said that soon he would surpass PewDiePie and eventually post his videos with T-Series and become ‘untouchable’.


On July 28, 2019, 20-year old Griffin was found dead in Hammond, Louisiana. His friends and family members kept it a secret until a Twitter user, Selma, revealed it in her tweet, which was also considered as a fake. Afterward, his family members confirmed it.



PewDiePie tweeted and offered his condolences. His tweet said: “Dillon the Hacker was such a talented young comedian. He successfully trolled my entire audience at one point. Such sad news to hear about his passing. My condolences to his family and close ones. RIP Dillon.”

Dillon The Hacker Death: Cause of Death and PewDiePie’s Heartfelt Response

BG Kumbi explained and give condolences to his best friend in a YouTube video on his channel. He clarified that it was a suicidal death and he regrets that he was not in contact with him since they were on separate ways in the college.

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