Gears 6 Release Date, Development Status and Everything You Need to Know

Gears 6 Release Date – Gears 6 or Gear of 6 is one of the most awaited games for which gamers are excited for the last two years. After releasing Gears 5 in 2019, the publishers and developers hint that the next part which is Gears 6 come in near future very soon. But till now, almost two years have gone by, but neither the game is released nor we hear proper news.

So, here we come with some information and all regarding this game. So, if you are interested to know more about this upcoming game then definitely go through this article till the end. Here basically we gonna discuss with you all the information that is disclosed or leaked. So, let’s begin with the main part without wasting time.

Gears 6 Release Date

Gears 6 Release Date

Gears of War is basically a third-person shooter game which is first released in November 2006. After that, a total of 5 sequels was released by the franchise and the 6th one is now under development. If we look around the developers then we found that the topmost game developing companies are here to develop this game. Here we see Epic Games, People Can Fly, The Coalition, Mediatonic, Splash Damage are the main developers of this game. So, from these names, one can easily understand how much beauty the series is. (Gears 6 Release Date)

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Moreover, Xbox games studios work as a publisher of this game. Besides this game, we also see this franchise on different board games, puzzle games, and DC comics.

Gears 6 Release Date

Timeline of Gears of War game series

The first game of this series was released on 7th November 2006 which was named Gears of war. After two years later on 2008, gears of 2 released. In 2011 the third edition, Gears of 3 launched by the company. At that time, Gears 2 and 3 were a grand commercial success for the company. And by the influence of this success the franchise release another game called Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. The specialty of this game is this game isn’t only released for the Xbox but also releases on the Microsoft Windows platform. (Gears 6 Release Date)

After that, the last two editions Gears 4 and Gears 5(2019) was released. So, from this timeline, we can now expect that Gears 6 may release soon.

The plot of the game series

Here we found a new plot of this game every time, which is entertaining and full of mystery. In the first and second parts of the game, we see a planet named Sera where the full story is plotted. Here we witness an epic concept and storyline where the human civilization fought against the subterranean reptilian hominids known as the Locust Horde.

In Gears 3 we see COG was disbanded and for this, we see another new and as well as unique storyline. In the 4th and 5th parts, we also experience another two new storylines which were really mindblowing. (Gears 6 Release Date)

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The probable plot of Gears 6

The plot of Gears 6 is probably hidden on Gears 5. So, it can be said that it may be a sequel to Gear 5. In the last series we Kait and her teammates, and here may we see the story of them. Kait and her teammates already eliminate Delmont “Del” Walker and James Dominic “JD” Fenix in the previous rounds and now finally entered into the final round of the battle. But here queen hostage JD and Del. So, Kait and his teammate only have one option. Either they have to save  Del or Jd. So, here may they put the gamers and say to complete the mission or something else. (Gears 6 Release Date)


As we said earlier all the games of this series are First-person shooter types. So, this game is also not an exception. If you are first going to play it, you can experience almost the same movement and all like Resident Evil 4. The gameplay is almost the same as this one.

Gears 6 Release Date

Gears 6 Release Date and platform

Till now it’s confirmed that the game may release on Xbox X Series. Besides this, it probably releases on Microsoft PCs and Playstation 5. But maybe in the future, we may see some different platforms or older versions of consoles where the game launch.

Till now the franchise or the developers hints nothing regarding its release date. That’s why we may think that it needs some more time to Gears 6 Release Date.

But probably it may release in the first or second quarter of the next year. But it’s not official news, it’s just speculation.

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