5 mobile apps you need to try right now

There are apps out there that have been designed to make your life easier. And because there are literally millions of apps out there, we have compiled a list of apps out there for you to try. This is the first list in many lists we will make available for you guys. So let’s start.


If you have a default home screen or a customized home screen with so many apps that it takes you a solid minute to find the apps. The gesture is a small app that performs the basic features. It helps you find the app in that menu. You just have to slide it up and then draw a gesture you have specified for that particular app and the app will open. It’s a great app to have on the phone.

5 mobile apps you need to try right now


Are you fed up with counting things? We all are. This app makes that easy for you. If you have something in a large quantity and you want to count it, just open this app. just give permission for the app to use your camera and the app will automatically tell you how many pieces of objects are there. Any number from small to large. Of course, it cant count ants but it’s a great way to count nails and construction or stationery items.

5 mobile apps you need to try right now


This is the simplest app here on this list. It’s just a wallpaper app. Yeah, that it, but the great part of this wallpaper app is just it presents you with a selective choice of wallpapers for you and then you can customize those wallpapers for your phone. The app has different colors for you according to the contrast and theme of your phone. It has bright colors and a perfect motion that is mesmerizing to see.

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5 mobile apps you need to try right now


This is a podcast app but it’s different from let say google or Spotify or any other podcast app out there. This app has a feature called a transcript. You can read all the things that they are saying because the app provides you with the option to have a transcript in front of you so that if you have a problem you can read that. It’s like subtitles in movies.

5 mobile apps you need to try right now


Do you want to see the wallpaper of your phone sometimes in all its glory but you can’t because the default home screen launcher or any other launcher doesn’t allow you to make an empty home screen. Well, that’s where this app comes in. It lets you do exactly that. I have been using this app for some time now just to show everyone how cool my wallpaper is.

5 mobile apps you need to try right now

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