44 WENDY’s Restaurant are Taken Over by Delight Restaurant Group , Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Delight Restaurant had accumulated the 44 restaurants which are located at New York and Long Island Belong to Wendy Restaurants, an international fast-food restaurant founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 with its Headquarters at DUBLIN, it was one of the largest and best fast-food chain .


IT is a tragedy that the restaurants at some locations were not satisfying as it was before. It is also sad to hear and that Wendy’s restaurants, one of the topmost fast-food chains were to give a poor performance and not good enough to satisfy its customers and now in the midst of Bankrupt.

IN the 3rd quarter of 2019 the restaurants gave an underwhelming performance. TODD A PENEGOR, C.E.O of Wendy’s restaurants responded saying ” they have stick to a book of Utilizing a Balanced marketing approach. He continued about their marketing strategy of 4 for 4$ which includes DAVE’S Double, featuring fresh, Never frozen North American Beef.

Further, TODD has even explained his 5$ strategy that how to make the people to move for 5$ offerings, how to attract the folks to restaurants and offer them an exciting menu and the next plan is that switch them, premium customers. His aim was to offer the customers a perfect menu and how to make them visit their restaurants frequently.

It was reported that the first quarter went well for the organization as the company had 43 global restaurant openings with slight net new unit growth. As they had a primary aim that to access for more global openings as their part of global growth. In QUARTER 3  the sales increase was obvious that 1.3% growth in North America and 13.2 % growth in international Market.

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Delight Restaurants deal with WENDY Restaurants

Delight Restaurants have taken this opportunity to rebuild the best new outlets of Wendy’s Restaurants and create its own image of efficiency. On this Occasion, RICHARD KRUMHOL, managing partner of DELIGHT RESTAURANT GROUP has said that “They are thrilled to grow with the exceptional portfolio and couldn’t be more excited about the future of Wendy’s Brand.

Delight Restaurant Group

Delight Group is a growth-oriented company, operating 155 restaurants across Wendy’s and Taco Bell. It was established jointly by ANDREW AND RICHARD KRUMLOZ in 2016. Overall Delight group has acquired 54 restaurants of Wendy’s, which is said to be Wendy’s second deal in this year.

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