Log Horizon Season 4: Release Date Announcement 2021

Japanese manga and anime are in huge demand all over the world. It has a huge fan following not only in Japan but in the rest of the world. The fans eagerly wait for a new episode or any new updates. Unlike all other anime, the adaptation of the Japanese novel Log horizon was first aired in 2013. The anime has so far finished with three seasons. From the third season, seven episodes were released so far, with the eighth episode getting released soon.

Log Horizon Season 4 Release Date And More.

Log Horizon is a Japanese novel written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara. It was serialized in 2010 for the shosetsuka ni naro website. Enterbrain later the novel was published as a light novel in 2011. The translated version was published by Yen press in 2015. The novel has altogether four manga adaptations. One is based on the same story and with rest three based on the characters of the main story.

The story revolves around the life of Shiroe the founder and leader of the anonymous guild and the most liked member of the round table alliance. The story began when thousands of people got trapped in an alternate world resembling some on the elements from the popular show ‘ Elder brother’. The third season was tilted as the Log horizon: destruction of the round table. It got premiered on January 13, 2021. It consisted of 12 episodes. The season got completed with its last episode which got released in March 2021

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The characters are designed by Kosaka. The opening theme song “Different” was performed by the rock group Band – maid and Miyu Oshiro performed the ending theme song titled as “Blue Horizon”.

The original Japanese version with English subtitles is available on Funimation. For the audience of North America and the British Isles. AnimeLab is airing the series for New Zealand and Australian audiences. Audiences from Scandinavian and Netherlands will be able to watch the new episode on Wakanim on the same day of their airing in Japan.

Portuguese subtitled version is available on Funimation. Russian, German, and French subtitled version is made available on Wakanim. Season three is also available on Netflix Japan. English dubbed version of season two of Log Horizon is available on Hulu, Crunchyroll, and HIDIVE. The first two English dubbed versions are available on AnimeLab too.

Now since the 3rd season of the long Horizon is over fans are excited for its season four. The season is just finished 3 months ago there is no updates regarding the renewal of the series four the 4th season. And hence it is very difficult for the fans to predict the release of season 4. Log Horizon has been very irregular when it comes to streaming new seasons and its renewal.

The tired season which was supposed to get released on October 2020 was delayed due to the current pandemic situation. It was then released in January 2021. Following three months delay. though the vaccination drive has began rapidly in most of the countries of the world the situation is still out of control. Cases increase overnight and the variants of coronavirus too have increased which seems more powerful.

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Looking at the situation we can predict that it will take time for the situation to be on track. This may delay the release of the anime even after it gets renewed. There is nothing that we can predict regarding the 4th season of Log Horizon when it comes to the cast, story and number of episodes. fans will have to wait till the showrunners officially announce its renewal.

As of now fans are guessing that the story will follow the same patterns of its source material unlike the other seasons. Based on that the season will be named as the Nightingale’s Song which is the 13th volume of the novel. However few other sources confirm that the elements of the volume 13th were already covered in the last season.

Looking at that the season four is likely to be based on the 14th volume of the manga which is titled as Twilight Orphan. There is enough of material available for the showrunners to come up with a new season. So there are chances of the series to make a comeback because it is widely followed and loved by fans.

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