I’m Standing On a Million Lives Season 2 : Release Date and Everything You Need To Know

The anime series I’m standing on a Million Lives was an adaptation of Manga with the same title written by NAOKI YAMAKAWA, an illustration done by AKINARI NAO. The manga was launched by a Japanese Privately held publishing company, KODANSHA on the Monthly manga magazine BESSATSU Shonen.

The two-way ISEKAI Tv anime brings out the unique story about YUSUKE YOTSUYA High school students struggling to revive moribund life, transports into the virtual world through Game Master, there comes across two of his fellow classmates.

Official Trailer of I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2


when do I’m Standing On a Million Lives Season 2 come out?

It is confirmed by the production studio, MAHO Film on December 2021 that the series would come out on July 12 and the episodes are scheduled to air on weekly basis. Just as how the first season consists of 12 episodes so as the season.

The show run time is about 23- 25 minutes, begins with the intro theme song “BADDEST” by VTUBER Kaede Higuchi. we would also expect TAKAO YOSHIOKA, who had done scriptwriting from the precious season would also work for this season too. ERI KOJIMA and TOSHIHIDE MASUDATE collaboratively working for the character design, YUKO OBA is responsible for designing the sub-characters.

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Where to watch Season 2?

The first season was premiered on October 2, 2020, by Netflix, Crunchyroll and some YOUTUBE channels are available  I’m Standing on a Million Lives season 2 can be streamed through various online platforms such as Netflix and Also Popular streaming website Crunchyroll has licensed the anime series.

Other than the Streaming sites the series is going to be broadcasted on the following networks Tokyo MX, BS11, MBS, on July 2, AT-X on July 5, and WOWOW on July 7 respectively. You just need to wait for another 8 days for 2nd season, you can watch the series once it started to release officially.

Second Season’s Cast Members 

Voice for the show’s protagonist is rendered by YUTO UEMURA in Japanese and while coming to English Dub the voice was given by ZENO ROBINSON. IU SHINDO voiced by RISA KUBOTA and JEANNIE TIRADO in Japanese and English respectively. AZUMI WAKI given voice for KUSUE HAKOZAKI .

some other new characters in season 2 are TOSHIYUKI as KEITA TORII, AYANA TAKETATSU as YANA, AOI YUKI as AHYU, and SHINICHIRO MIKI as CANCELED.

Ending of Season 1 

Episode 12 ” A Murderer’s Summer ” opens with a huge twist of YOTSUYA find out the world that they believe real is actually an illusion or other Planet Like Earth Located at the same spot in the Parallel world. Next, the scene shifts to YOTSUYA having an internal monologue about killing someone, Although the guilt of killing some shadows him still his hatred towards humans doesn’t do away.

Both IU and KUSUE have a little chat about the last game while they are at school playing volleyball. IU feels so much stronger and easier than before because of the Upgrades in the other world. KUSUE couldn’t run and play for the next volleyball Tournament because of the disease she was suffering from.

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IU asks YUKA what is wrong with YOTSUYA, she replies they didn’t talk about details of how we rescued THEALTROSIANS, YOTSUYA was so low spirited, couldn’t concentrate on the game since then and it was hard for him to deal with the guilt of killing someone

Later while YOTSUYA walking to home receives a message from the Game master for another mission. However, the question of “How does it feel to have killed someone?” appears on the screen and he deletes it. When he is at home thinking why he had to kill someone, suddenly a girl appears in front of him asking why he hasn’t replied to the message, she is none other than the Game Master.

Now YOTSUYA answers that he wouldn’t have killed if he knew that it was Parallel World, they move on to talk about the other Player who he saved from a bully, TOKITATE. The next scene is at the restaurant, Game Master says that within 20 seconds the person at the counter will be killed by another player, TORRI KEITA, and assisted by his younger brother SHUJI.

YOTSUYA realizes him every step in order to complete Quest he must not get caught while killing, Success of one pick-up affects the next quest. At the YOTSUYA filled with positive energy deciding to fight for Justice that he believes in and will continue to do it till the end.


The show seems perfectly designed to entertain fans with dark elements. YOTSUYA, IU, KUSUE and YUKA have become more confident to tackle, new strategies for Missions and they have understood how the system works in the Virtual world. We will see an exciting mission with the New characters KEITA, YANA, AHYU

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