COVID-19 can be Detected With 99.9% Accuracy With this New Chip

Researchers have developed chips using the genome sequencing method to detect the respiratory disease coronavirus-2, an alternative source to detect the virus with faster and accurate results up to 99.9% rather than clinical testing. The research was started in September 2020 with the revolutionary approach to DNA sequencing.


this scientist, director of Computational genomics and technology lab in Paris is credited for the development of the new chip to detect the coronavirus with the accurate 99.9% results. a helpful device to stop the pandemic. he has been working on the development of this project at the computational genomics and technology lab since September 2020.

Testing and tracking of covid-19

Jeremy Edwards was the first person to take genome sequence information and develop predictive mathematical models of bacterial metabolism, who led the mission creating the new chip for rapid and accurate testing had said that they were developing the new technology for rapid sequencing the coronavirus genome that could be used for not just diagnosis but also for tracing and to understand the transmission of the disease.

The mission of the Computational Genomic and Technology Lab is to provide training with collaborative research at the University of New Mexico along with the colleagues, CENTRILLION Technologies in Palo Alto, California, and West Virginia University utilizing bioinformatics computing tools led by Jeremy Edwards.

Scientists have created a tiled genome array, they developed the rapid and inexpensive full viral genome resequencing and applied their SARS-CoV-2-specific genome tiling array to rapidly and accurately re-sequenced the viral genome from eight clinical samples acquired from patients in Wyoming.

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According to the Chemical Society, this alternative source of testing is published and titled “Highly Accurate Chip-based Resequencing SARS-COV-2 clinical samples.

The researchers have stated that exactly 143 million people worldwide have contracted the covid-19. the purpose of this research is to trace and track down the transmission of the disease, the chip-based technology helps to prevent the transmission.

The research study

Vigilant testing and contact tracing are an effective way to stop the spread of the dangerous virus and the virus detection up to 99.9%. traditional clinical testing has proven the fact that these tests are not effective and often these clinical tests are have cited with the wrong statements of positive and negative.

this chip-based technology helps to eliminate the barrier of the wrong statements of positive and negative of the SARS COVID-2. the chip-based technology best widely genome surveillance and monitoring viral variants, also technology to prevent the pandemic at present but also the future pandemics.

Jeremy have also stated that this chip-based technology would help to prevent the current pandemic but also the future pandemics.

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