Black Clover Chapter 297: Release Date , Discussion and Read Manga Online

Get ready to see the unforgettable battle between VANICA and NOELLE and let’s wait and watch who is more powerful among them. we will witness one of the epic battles in “Spade Kingdom”. Previously VANICA released the demon-like tree onto Noelle and that didn’t work for her, summons the Red Heard Beasts and she reacts by slashing them away.

The adventure-Fantasy Manga series Black Clover is written as well as illustrated by YUKI TABATA, series has been published by Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine since 2015 and earned a wide fan base since then.

When will chapter 297 Release and were to read it online

The Latest episode 297 is scheduled to release on Sunday 27 June 2021, which unleashes the greatest battle in the Kingdom of spades. There are a handful of websites where you could read each and every episode online. Also, there is an English Magazine, Weekly Shonen Magazine circulated in America.

Recap of Chapter 276 

VANICA learned so much from her previous fights and she wanted to utilize her devil powers. VANICA decides never to set foot in the spade kingdom due to the presence of women who were said to be the strongest one. For such reason, she flew from there and test her evil power and go wild.

NOELLE is triggered by the statement by VANICA, she would be entertained if she is facing someone like NOELLE in the battle. She enjoys during the battle not just against Noelle but also with MEGICULA. The fight gets very intense when VANICA says that both her powers and the people whom she is fighting against are completely fantastic.

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The fight gets interrupted by Noelle’s baby crying, The evil VANICA says that she should kill the baby first instead of NOELLE. NOELLE loses her temper saying that the strongest thing in the world is protecting their kids and their duel continues, at the end Noelle puts the sword into VANICA.


Noelle who lost her patients at the end of chapter 296 , will definitely see the end of VANICA . VANICA who has been away from the kingdom finally returned, also powerful enough to counter-attack Noelle, so the fight continues in chapter 297.

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