All the updates for Windows 11 you need to know:

Microsoft is releasing its news windows 11 next week and everyone is pumped up about it. It is gonna come with new features and updates and we will see many new things too. For eg. the boot time as well as start with many other things. This list will tell you almost all the updates and features that will be in the next windows. So let’s begin.


The first update is the setup process. When you install a window, there’s always a setup process where you log into accounts, customize all the features which are of course inspired by Windows 10X but there are major changes. There is an animation that is new and it’s blue and color and soothing to the eyes. It appears when your window is setting things up. Also, do you guys remember the Cortana voice in the windows and how annoying it was? Well, they removed it too.


Coming to the home screen, the sound it made when you start the windows has been charged. It is short, pleasing to hear, and not irritating at all. There are also some very amazing new wallpapers for windows 11. Some kind of aesthetically blue flower and there are quite a few of them. The new wallpaper also goes with the dark theme and looks amazing.


The start menu has changed a lot. The start menu is not located in the corner of your screen like all the previous windows with an added feature in windows 8. But Windows 11 has them located in the center. Also, one of the major features of previous windows was the lite tile. It is not present in windows 11. Many tech enthusiasts have praised this step as it was not an amazing feature. The new menu which is in the center has all the important folders you will need. Also, you can customize them in any manner you want to base on your ease. You can also access all of the folders and applications with just one click.

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The application on the taskbar is also in its center with a few apps so that it looks neat. But you can change it in any manner you want from the taskbar settings. There are also some changes in the icon, search bar, and also task view.

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