Welcome to Demon School Season 2 Episode 11: Release Date, Discussion and Watch Online

It’s been a year since Season One now Bandai Namco Pictures presenting the second Season with unique plot themes compared to the previous season. IRUMA, teen human boy struggling to live in the Demon world till he emerged as one of the great Idiosyncratic talents in the demon world.

When will Episode 2 of Season 11 will come out?

Welcome To Demon School Season to Episode 11 would be released on 26 June 2021. The show is aired on the Japanese Tv Service, NHK Educational Tv, and the show can be watched on the popular streaming platform, Crunchyroll.

Recap of season 2 Episode 10

In this episode, the students learn about the Fantastical Animals so the BARAM teacher explains the difference by taking the cat as an example and also why the previous students would want to attend his class. One of the fellow mates tells that he touch the students to test if the students are suitable for the experiment, just the thought of doing an experiment on them horrifies even more.

Now the BARAM changes the topic to” HUMANS “, he starts this topic by asking the students a question that If a human were to appear in front of you, what will you do? immediately the students would eat right there and also Humans are delicious too.

IRUMA couldn’t at ease as he knew something wrong with BARAM’s teacher, he suddenly holds BARAM to confirm that IRUMA is either suffering from chronic disease or he might be a special being. IRUMA has to live every second with tension as he might be eaten if any monster in a demon would find out that he is humans. This is all just because of his parents selling him to the demon, as it would be revealed why he was sold.

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At the end of the show, BARAM meets his friend and classmate, KALEGO. BARAM’s teacher who we thought cruel and against to humans is actually very kind that he wouldn’t reveal his secret instead he helps to understand the concepts of varieties of magic which include verbal, Non-verbal, Bloodline Magic through his illustrations which were helpful to him.


The creator OSAMU NISHI crafted the manga enticing the viewers by incorporating the elements of fantasy along with comedy which drives the fans to want to watch. IRUMA however settled there peacefully but he puts effort to win over his enemies through kindness.


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