Sci-fic “DUNE” by Warner Bros Delayed again and new release date has been revealed

This is what exactly what fans wanted to hear and it is finally announced by Warner Bros, now “DUNE” based on the Science-Fiction novel with the same title written by most acclaimed author Frank Herbert.

Although many neither film Productions and filmmakers have made several attempts those attempts fell apart. The copyrights for the film went into many hands and now finally it is going to happen with the efforts of every person who contributed this to happen and especially by the captain of the team Denis Villeneuve.


This might be elevating hopes of Fans but this time the Production studios, Warner Bros itself have announced the Film coming into U.S.A theatres on 22 October 2021 in 3D, and in Venice, it will be released earlier than in the U.S.A which is on September 3, 2021.


As we all know that the film was a long-time Dream for the director, Denis Villeneuve so it was reported that he was in talks with the Production company Legendary Pictures Productions who had already acquired the Copyrights for Dune in 2016.

There are a couple of reasons for the delay but firstly, the major distributors have decided to rearrange the release date and delayed even further in order to avoid the competition. Secondly, the delay was due to the ongoing Pandemic surge. finally, Just to design New Sandworm it took almost a year to do it flawlessly by taking care of every minute detail.

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What is the plot of Sci-fic DUNE?

The setting of the plot is mostly on a dangerous planet called ARRAKIS also known as Dune, where TIMOTHEE CHALAMET playing character Paul ATREIDES was confined to live in which is full of sand and with just MELANGE, spice which is addictive yet improves human potential.

Actress ZENDAYA is going to play the female lead character CHANI, daughter of LIET KYNES and the Love interest of PAUL. Many other notable actors like Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier BARDEM, STELLAN SKARSGARD are been starred in the film.

There were many fans wanting a movie like this since the 1970s, although some filmmakers took an opportunity yet still failed now all we could do is to trust Denis Villeneuve, I’m sure the film is going to be a huge one as it got everything the cast, script, perfect director, production and everything,it might take 2 months but after all, it will be worth waiting.

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