Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Dragon Ball Super Part 74 is the next comic to be released, and everyone is waiting. The battle between Goku and Granola is great, and there are some unusual comic book style boards. It was great to see the saints fighting in the forest. Then the average mountain lake.

Release Date and Read Manga Online

According to comic authority sources, the shipping date of Chapter 74 of “Dragon Ball Super” is July 20, 2021. The new part of the DBS series is released on July 20th of each month. The same thing will happen a month later. Super Section 74-Shonen Bounce, MangaPlus, Viz Media officially published.

Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Scene 74 will be released as a draft of the comic a few weeks before delivery. Exhaust gas pollution usually occurs between the 10th and the 14th, and similar things will happen within a month. Dragon Ball Super Part 74 will be updated and translated into English after the comics are published. The first batch of Dragon Ball Super 74 will arrive 12 days before the release date, but it is best to wait for the first time to take shape.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Granola uses two-finger laser attacks to avoid hitting the target, and Goku uses ninja skills to stay away from all laser attacks. Granola had to know why he couldn’t foresee Wukong’s development. Wukong responded and handed it to Kamehameha who almost exploded the cereal. Oil observer. He covered the move to the highest point of the mountain. Maki went to the base to report that he came back with two Saiyans. The missed blow knocked down the oil, and Vegeta felt something.

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Kamehameha Goku brings back grains and leaves. Wukong felt his neck hurt, so he recovered. Granola stood up, only to realize that this was a more targeted attack and a faster dodge. Focus on the core issues of Wukong. Wukong replied that super-intuition is a perfect single weapon. At the moment of failure, Granola replied that everything was not perfect. Granola wanted to know why these people had to prepare but found that he had never prepared.


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