Solo Leveling Chapter 156 DELAYED AGAIN!!!: New Release Date & More Updates

Fans were hoping of the release of new chapter of Solo Leveling this week on June 24. However, fans have to wait a week more as the publisher delayed the release once again. Solo Leveling Chapter 156 originally was scheduled to release on June 17, 2021, but it was later postponed. The editor announced that the manhwa was on a week break, citing the author’s health issues.

Solo Leveling’s author, Chugong had health complications last week. The editors and publishers were hopeful that the author would be healthy to release the next chapter a week later. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, and Chugong sensei continued to suffer from the health issues. The reports claimed that the author previously worked hard despite having health problems, but this time the issue became inevitable.

Editors and publishers asked fans to have patience and support the author during such unfortunate times. Fans, on the other hand, went online and prayed for the author’s speedy recovery. The new chapter 156 will release following the two-week hiatus and potentially on July 1, 2021. The upcoming chapter’s official title is called Final Moments, which will continue the cute moments between Cha Hae-in and Sung Jin-woo.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156: Preview

In the latest chapter, a new dangerous gate has appeared in Tokyo city and everyone is scared. The gate of destruction that surfaced is the strongest gate ever appeared in the city. While everyone, including Jin Ah, are trying to evacuate, her mother isn’t fazed at all as she believes Jin-woo will save them all. Meanwhile, Jin-woo realizes that there isn’t much time left and wonders with whom he shall spend the final moments.

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He then calls hunter Cha Hae-in and went on a date with her. The duo spend the rest of the day in the amusement park, riding roller coasters and other rides. Hae-in asks Jin-woo why he brought her to the amusement park. Jin-woo responds to her that he always wanted to visit that amusement park after the gate that appeared near the park took his father. He also mentioned that Hae-in is the only friend he has, and she blushes.

In the upcoming episode, the duo will spend the final moments before fighting the monsters in the dungeon. Fans can expect some action in the next chapter since the previous one featured cute moments between Jin-woo and Hae-in. The new chapter drops at midnight KST next Thursday.

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