Who is Gene David Fischer? Amy Schumer Son and Everything About Him

Amy Schumer formally apologized to her son Gene for that name mishap during her and husband Chris Fischer’s virtual visit to The TODAY Show. Let’s find out more about it.

Amy Schumer’s Reply

Amy Schumer is still making up for her son’s hilarious name mishap.

During her and husband Chris Fischer’s virtual visit to TODAY on Monday, the Trainwreck star formally apologized to their 12-month-old son Gene after realizing they accidentally gave him an inappropriate moniker.

“I mean, can you believe we did that?” Amy asked hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb as her adorable toddler sat on her lap. “What kind of an epic…How am I going to apologize for that? Gene, we’re sorry. We’re so sorry,” adding, “We fixed it.”

“It just means that we’re, like, unstable, I guess” she joked, to which Chris replied, “He’ll find that out, though.”

Last month, the Snatched star announced that the couple had Gene’s middle name changed during an episode of her podcast Amy Schumer Presents: 3 Girls, 1 Keith. “So do you guys know that Gene, our baby’s name is officially changed?” she said. “It’s now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer but we realized that we, by accident, named our son, ‘genital.'”

Her guest Claudia O’Doherty added, “My mom pointed that out to me actually. My mom was like, ‘Amy’s called her son genital.’ And I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ And then, she was right.”

Proud Parents share some sweet stories

While catching up with Savannah and Hoda, the proud parents shared some of their baby boy’s new milestones. “He’s clapping. He can walk around,” Amy gushed, followed by Chris, who said, “He discovered pinecones yesterday.” Excited to share more, Amy continued, “Yeah, yesterday he was collecting pinecones and I’ll say it, he was hoarding them. He was hoarding pinecones. And, he and our dog…they’ve become really good friends. So, they wrestle over stuffed animals and stuff.”

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Just last week, Gene rang on his first birthday and got a special shout-out from his famous mama on Instagram. Sharing a picture of the two snugglings during nap time, Amy captioned the sweet post, “I’m really glad it was you. Hbd.”

Switching gears, the duo also discussed how they spent their Mother’s Day together. “Mother’s Day was really peaceful,” Amy recalled. “Chris did a great job. He got up and he made pancakes, which meant—that was such a nice thought, but that means that I’m with the baby while he’s making pancakes. And then I have to feed the baby. So, I eventually ate a pancake, I think, at, like, noon.”

She added, “But, it was such a nice day. It’s just sweet to get to be together right now more than we would normally be.”

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