To Your Eternity Episode 12 Release Date , Where to Watch and Much More

To Your Eternity was adaptation of manga series written by YOSHITOKI OIMA and coming to the Television series , which is directed by MASAHIKI MURATA. To Your Eternity is one of studio Brain’s Base’s best works , as the animation work was perfectly done with eye-pleasing scenes.

The series one of best spring anime series was ranked at 4 for three consecutive weeks on the top spring anime .the Anime “To your Eternity”, depicts the story of a mysterious immortal who is emotionless and was sent to earth, later he encounters a female lead , March. she names him as “FUSHI”  also provides food and shelter to him.

Where To Watch “To Your Eternity ” Episode 12 and Release Date

The upcoming 12th episode is released on Monday 28 June 2021 approximately at 10:50 PM, Japanese Standard Time, aired on NHK Educational TV and also you can watch the series on the streaming source, CRUNCHYROLL. The show’s runtime is about 25 minutes and also available with English Subtitles.

Episode 11 Recap 

The episode opens with the theme song “PINK BLOOD” by UDATA HIKARU. Both REAN and FUSHI are having a little chat about she turning 16 next month and she would like to throw a birthday party. Suddenly we could hear the narrator’s voice, he explains why he wants to experience everything on the earth without transforming.

First reason why he has chosen never to change that he was fortunate enough to encounter, The NOKKERS and the other reason was FUSHI himself chose never to change, experience everything till the end.

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REAN was devastated, as she knew her parents introduce stranger and insist her to get marry.  she plans to introduce her boyfriend in the party before her parents could force her to marry some random person.

Gugu’s big brother comes back to him, realizing his mistake of abandoning and take GUGU along with him. GUGU refuses to go with his brother, as he treasures the old man, grandma, REAN, and FUSHI , who has been accustomed to live with and he feels more comfortable around them. GUGU’s brother asks favor to return the ring to him, by then REAN recognizes GUGU was the one with whom she was in love .

GUGU gives REAN a purple flower from the cliff and somehow REAN recollects the memories from her traumatic past .Now the party gets started FUSHI and GUGU have also arrived , but GUGU has trouble entering , so if he were to enter he must get the thing off of his head , in the argument, GUGU fell into the fountain, REAN rushes over to him and offers Towel.

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