Twilight Movies in Order: Watch Order and Chronological Order

We have all at one point in time have watched The Twilight Saga. Or have read the book. This is one of our few guilty pleasures. But, whether you like it or not, the movie still is one of the most successful franchises ever made in Hollywood. The movie was adapted from the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer. So, now if you want to watch it again for fun or just want to have a movie night with friends, and want to stream Twilight, we have the chronological order for you. Although it’s not that difficult.


The first movie in this saga is Twilight. This movie introduces our main characters as well as our side characters. And of course, give us a glimpse of Jacob. The story is from the point of view of Bella Swan and her vampire lover (It’s a bad description, it is what it is) Edward Cullen. In this movie, the story just revolves around how Bella is adapting the likes of Vampire.


This movie revolves around the story of depression and anxiety. the plot is quite simple. Edward leaves Bella because he thinks he might be a threat to Bella. And in the midst of it, Bella and Jacod, her old friend came very close. The story also takes you around the laws of the world of Vampire. The dos and don’ts.


The movie brings back the last villain Victoria and she seeks revenge. Victoria, a vampire from the nomadic tribes of Vampire who are more powerful because of human blood in them. There is also a conflict between Edward and Bella on whether she turns into a vampire or not. Edwards does not want her to be an immortal beast but on the other hand, Bella wants to be with him.

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The movie is based on the last book of the Saga. The movie focuses on the marriage of Bella and Edward and the after events of having a relationship. The movie also brings back some of the old laws of vampire and try to create a conflict because of that. The movie also focuses on Bella’s struggle to have a decision on turning into a vampire and to also bring a child into the world.

2011 Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part1


The last movie in The Twilight Saga. The movie focuses on the life of Bella trying to learn the techniques of being a vampire. The after events of bringing a child into this world who is half-human and half-vampire. This also broke some laws of the vampire. And did I tell you about the last epic fight in this part? You will enjoy it thoroughly.

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