TUCA and BERTIE Season 2 Episode 2 “Fun at PLANTEAU ” Release Date, Spoilers and Much More

The animated sitcom TUCA and BERTIE portray the pure friendship between 30 years old, their love life, daily life experiences. After Netflix has canceled the show earlier in July 2019, now again it is aired exclusively on Adult Swim.

 When will episode 2 release?

The second season was aired on 13 June 2021 after 2 years of hiatus. This particular episode is scheduled to air on 20 June 2021 at 11:30 PM every Sunday. You can watch the first 2 episodes freely on Youtube. The first season of this show was premiered on Netflix, later the show was abruptly shut down.

Recap of Episode 1 

The episode opens with BERTIE, a multi-tasker nervous about herself doing Therapy after a long period of time. The therapist asks her about the things that stress her too much even advises BERTIE to cut the TUCA off in her life as she is toxic.

TUCA, sitting on the sofa busy with her phone finding the best dating apps but that doesn’t work for her. As a change of plan she uses a reality dating show format, TUCA stupidly invites the candidates and picks the persons one by one.

TUCA was left with only the mechanic, who gets the mechanic to fix the tire, TUCA and Mechanic start dating. BERTIE was noting something in her notebook and slips over it. Later BERTIE rushes to the hospital and orders that she must consult Doctor Esther EMU to stop her Panic attacks.

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On the same every evening, BERTIE is having a date and obviously scared by the sudden entrance of the waitress. TUCA receives a text from BERTIE’S boyfriend that BERTIE is having a panic attack and they rush over to her. TUCA is always clingy to BERTIE and co-dependent.


Episode 2 is titled “PLANTS “, as we have seen in the earlier episode 1 that TUCA rushing over to BERTIE, now they both decided to take a break from their daily life, and as BERTIE and her boyfriend SPECKLE  have recently celebrated their anniversary. BERTIE is having her own Internal Monologue, thinking that she doesn’t need to change and plans to go on a new adventure at PLATEAU with her bird friends.

Finally, all are in Party mode and heading to PLATEAU to have an amazing weekend. This is an opportunity for BERTIE to deal with her social anxiety and to eliminate it in her life. TUCA is super excited about the weekend after parting ways with Mechanic

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