Kim Kardashian Cheating Scandal with Van Jones Exposed: Viral Rumor Debunked

After Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from their husband of almost 7 years Kanye West, many rumors have mentioned Kim dating Van Jones. The three names that have been trending are Kanye, Kim, and Van Jones. Therefore many fans have put up a theory that the Keeping up with Kardashian’s star is dating CNN political contributor, lawyer, and author Van, Jones. Is there any truth behind it?

Kim Kardashian Cheating Scandal: Rumors

Many fans have based this theory on them being close at the Variety and Rolling Stone’s Criminal Justice Reform Summit in 2018. They have been close ever since. After the announcement of Van Jones’s divorce from his ex-wife, the rumors have another point to add. Van also interviewed Kim for her documentary The Justice Project. They are also reported to share the same ideologies about Prison reform. He has also spoken very highly about Kim Kardashian, mentioning her as passionate and helpful for her ideas about prison reform. As Kim has also been reported studying for her Bar exam, people have slammed her for dating Van for furthering her law career. YouTubers, Twitter and Tiktok users have ever since been buzzing with theories about not only Kim and Van but also rumors about Kanye cheating on Kim with someone.

Kim Kardashian Cheating Scandal with Van Jones Exposed: Viral Rumor Debunked

Kim Kardashian Cheating Scandal: Truth

The divorce has just been filed in February of this year and is still pretty new, people are already making all kinds of assumptions. While Kim and Van have a lot in common and Van, 52 being a success with an Emmy Award and author of 3 books, it is still unsure. As neither side has confirmed any possibilities or mentioned anything related to it. Kim has potentially many suitors according to a source that people are reaching out to her through direct message or through mutual friends. Although adding to this nothing has been confirmed yet and people are still in dark about if Kim, 40, is secretly dating  Van, 52, or even is she dating anyone else. Mostly, Kim is reportedly not dating anyone as there is not any evidence to back up the rumor and it appears to only be a theory.

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