DIGIMON Adventure Episode 53 Release Date , Everything You Need To Know

The upcoming DIGIMON Adventure Episode 53 is sure very entertaining, completely filled with fun and interesting elements. From the episode, we have come to know that TONOSAMA GEKOMON is very much attracted to GOMAMONA, wants to court her, and now in this episode, we will see whether he marries GOMAMONA or not.

Release Date of Episode 53 

The upcoming episode of DIGIMON Adventure is scheduled to release on Sunday 20 June 2021, approximately at 9:00 AM Japanese Standard Time. There is also an online source to watch with English such as Crunchyroll and Anime Lab, especially for Non-Japanese speakers.

Short Preview of Latest Episode 


Episode 52 Recap

JUNKMON and SORA see the unusual smoke from the volcano, crash into the ocean, and somehow they were saved. Later JUNKMON asks KOSHIRO about the data recovery and he replies that it would take some time but he assures that he would find the clues about the “Great Catastrophe “.

The volcano eruptions are quite common and in order to stop the eruption they have been constructing a huge walls and CHOSEN instructs JUNKMON to always put safety first and it is their industry’s motto too.

Suddenly the volcano bursts and JUNKMON lets everybody know about the eruption and the team started to panic. The eruption affected the wall that they have already built, after some time the destruction stopped. Sora lost PIYOM, she thinks that she was buried under the metal which fell on her due to an unexpected earthquake and JUNKMON finally finds her lying under the metal unconsciously and with a dislocated arm.

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What to expect in Episode 53 

The latest episode is the title “The GEKO Hot Springs ‘ Revolt”. From the above preview, we have seen GEKOMON  in dual with Joe. The fight was very intense we must wait and watch if Joe could save GOMAMON from GEKOMON.

Joe and his partner GOMAMON are in search of the medicine that could heal speed class bird PATAMON and TAILMON. On their way to find medicine, they found the hot spring but surprisingly it is dried up and a Mansion was built there.

GEKOMON, the lord of the mansion and also have a unique ability to control springs, was fallen for GOMAMON for her unique technique that is summoning the colored fishes for attacking the enemies. However, he captures her and declares then and there itself that GOMAMON is his wife.

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