86 Episode 11: Release Date, Story Discussion & Watch Online

86 is a light novel that started publishing in February 2017 and was later adapted into a manga. In April 2021, it was also finally adapted into an anime and started airing. So far the light novel has 10 volumes, while the manga has 3 volumes. It also inspired 2 spin-off manga. Now fans are awaiting the 86 Episode 11 release.

86 Episode 11:

86 is science fiction and has military themes that follow a war between the Republic of San Magnolia and the Empire of Gilad which has lasted for nine years. After many defeats from the machines of Gilad, San Magnolia introduced their machine drones called Juggernauts which are handled remotely keeping the losses to a minimum. However, unknown the population the machines still have pilots, who are from a minority that is 86. The minority do not have equal rights, but they are forced to pilot and fight.

86 Episode 11: Release Date, Story Discussion & Watch Online

86 Episode 11: Release Date

The anime so far has 10 episodes and episode 11 will release on 20th June. The upcoming episode titled Here We Go will be the last episode of the first part of the season.

86 Episode 11: Story Discussion

The last episode showed the survivors of Juggernaut traveling into the territory, but they come across a river and can not travel further in the machine alone. As they realize how deep they are in the region, they try to relax and check the nearby town. Shin then mercy kills a damaged Black Sheep. After joining others again he states his intention of finding a nation not under the control of the Legion where they can live. The ending shows Fido recalling all his memories with Shinei and dying.

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The next episode might show them traveling ahead and reaching the Empire. More can be shown about them finding a place to live peacefully. The part one season finale is sure to have some great moments or big reveals.

86 Episode 11: Watch Online

86 Episode 11 is scheduled to release on the above-mentioned date on Crunchyroll, where it would be available with original audio and English subtitles. The previous episodes can also be watched on the same. The release time would differ based on the time zones.

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