What is the Mandela Effect: Explained and 5 Best Examples of Mandela Effect

False memories yes false memories are called the Mandela effect…!

Nelson Mandela the reason why we’re all here Nelson Mandela who this theory is named after died in 2013 however there a number of people directly remember him in Prison in 1980 but that isn’t the only example of Mandela’s effect. It’s basically a person creates a fall memory without intending to lie to others instant they are attempting to fill in the gaps in their own memories a common analog E for confabulation is called ” honest lying”.

Main of the mental effects are close to the original order true memory but eventually, they are false. Sometimes people have a deja vu page of the book is like someone think that this thing has happened with their life in the past also but this is not the same in a similar manner Mandal effects made a person remember a false memory like someone name is Shreya but you remember the name Ashley this is called a false memory with a true one. Mandela’s effect makes a question even the most mundane memory from our past.


  1. There is a famous line of Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back that says” Luke I am your father” however that word actually says” I am your father ” there is no luke at all this is called the Mandela effect. Star wars
  2. Skechers people have been shocked to see that there was no “T” in Skechers. Mandela effect
  3. Have you guys eaten KitKat yes right do you guys know that in KitKat there is no hyphen between “kit” and “kat” shocking right?Kitkat
  4. Oreo is one of the most lovable brands so guys in double stuff Oreo there is no “f” guys our life would be a lie it’s “stuff” not “stuff”.Mendala
  5. Sinbad never played genie yes this is the most shocking for all of us. Several people can attest that they remember him as a comedian in a movie. Many argue that they are confusing with the movie Kazaam starring Shaquille O’Neal as genie but this is not true. I know you also shocked I was also having the same reaction.
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