What is Breakaway League: Members and Latest News

European Super League was going to be established by the biggest teams breaking off themselves and organizing their own Super League separately. The League came to a sudden end after a number of the teams withdrew themselves as the league was opposed by sports officials including FIFA and UEFA.

What is the European Breakaway League?

European Breakaway League is a knockout-based tournament put together by the best European clubs. The league would enable the players of the clubs to compete with each other periodically for a healthy competition. 

What is Breakaway league-Members and latest updates

The idea behind setting up the league was to lay out a format for a new competition. According to the strategy, there would be 20 teams in total, 15 out of which are permanent and named as ‘Founding clubs’. The other 5 teams are temporary and will be selected according to performances in the training season.

Earlier when the news regarding the breakaway Super League consisting of the best European clubs was broken in April 2021 the football fan base jumped in excitement. Later the idea was criticized heavily by the sports officials and several teams stepped out of the league within 2 days after their confirmation. 

Members of the European Super League-

For the European Breakaway Super League 12 ‘founding clubs’ signed in. Six clubs from the Premier League were Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham. Three Clubs from La Liga were Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. The other three clubs were Inter, Juventus, and AC Milan signed by the Serie A.

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Two days after the league was announced all the six teams of the Premier League withdrew from the League. Later in an interview with the chief of the club Juventus,  Andrea Agnelli confessed that the League to improve the quality of European competitions has come to a sudden end and is permanently over.

Latest Updates-

The League was scheduled to be conducted in August 2021. Following the huge withdrawals and disagreements, the league will not take place. The officials consider it to be the power of fans who persuaded teams to back out and facilitated the league to fall. 

The FA is implementing new rules to prevent any breakaway from happening again in the future. The league gave permanent places to a few best teams and fans went through a lot of troubles to make the league collapse.

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