Rush Hour 4: Release Date, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker on Sequal

Rush Hour, one of the oldest movie that not only entertain one generation but it entertains one after another generation with its unique story, cinematography, and acting. And now another sequel of this mind-blowing film going to release very soon. So, I know if you are a fan of this film then you are really very excited to know more about Rush Hour 4. For this reason, here we come with this article.

About Rush hour sequel

In today’s article, we gonna talk about the upcoming sequel of Rush Hour which named Rush Hour 4. So, basically, we talk about the release date, main changes that we may see, what Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker said on this sequel, ane, etc. many more that you should know.

Rush Hour is first released in September 1998 and from then still, they released 2 more sequels of it. The series basically depends upon action comedy and drama. Though this is a mid-budget movie due to the extraordinary performance of Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker and others made the movie a next-level success. And from that success, the production decides to continue it and this is really going to be a great decision.

About the release date of the previous movie of this sequel

On the 18th of September, 1998 first time Rush Hour released for the very first time. After three years later, 3rd August 2001 the second movie of the Rush Hour Franchise released as Rush Hour 2. After almost six years later, on 10th August 2007 Rush Hour 3 released. But after that, there are some issues and unfortunately, the sequel will stop. But the demand for 4th film of this franchise is always there by the fans. And now in the year 2021 finally the officials of Rush Hour confirmed that they will go to film Rush Hour 4 and the production work is all set.

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Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker on Rush Hour 4?

The planning of Rush Hour 4 is not suddenly happened. In the year 2017, the main character of this film Jackie Chan said that he already go through the script of this movie and confirmed it. They also said that the production is now waiting for the confirmation of Chris Tucker.

In the next year, Chris Tucker also revealed that they also on the board of Rush Hour 4. They also said that everyone is now eagerly waiting for Rush Hour 4, but still, we have to do a lot of work on the scripts and all. After that, tucker posted a picture on his social media handles where we see Jackie Chan and Chris on this picture to hold each other. But after that, there comes a twist. The management company of Chris Tucker declares that this picture didn’t refer to the upcoming Rush Hour 4. They had lots of projects on their hand still now. And most importantly they are still talking about Rush Hour 4.

In 2019, Chris said they are going to do something very soon in the future. The sources said that this is probably the hint of Rush Hour 4 which will go to happen very soon.

Who is coming in Rush Hour 4?

As of now, there are not so many hints we get regarding this. But it’s confirmed that the two main characters Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are in this film. again we see the legendary duo of these two actors where we see Jackie Chan as Inspector Lee and Chris as Detective James Carter. Besides this, we also see Tzi Ma who is going to play the role of Ambassador Solon Han. In previous we also saw him in the first and third movie of this sequel.

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But the sad news for the fans is we don’t see  Brett Ratner as a director of this film, as he was accused of some harassment in 2017 and after that Warner Bros didn’t renew the show.

Any clues or videos regarding the Rush Hour 4?

Still, now there we do not get any kind of video like behind the camera scenes or some funny moment on the shooting stage. The officials also don’t disclose any kind of video regarding Rush Hour 4.

Expected Release date of Rush Hour 4

So, to be honest the officials don’t disclose any kind of release date but some sources guess that the film may release in the first and second quarter of 2022.

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