Mass Effect 2 Most Useful Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons are a great choice for the toughest battles in Mass Effect 2. Nevertheless, some are good choices, while others require selected angles. The M-8 Avenger automatic rifle or the serious M-6 Carnifex might be good choices. However, Quality Outcome 2 is the main weapon in the battle, once it involves clearing the area and causing serious damage, you should appear on a serious weapon. Although it is not possible to make grenades for Mass Effect 2, alternatives come in the form of weapons.

Mass Effect 2 Weapons

Remember, in Mass Effect 2, not all serious weapons are created equal. Just because a weapon is unlocked too late does not mean it is the most effective option. Damage and destruction As a typical Shepard weapon, all heavy weapons have a very powerful overwhelming power, causing a lot of damage, and under appropriate circumstances, it will cause more serious damage. These weapons are unlocked through loyalty missions or story missions, while other weapons are developed through upgrades.

Mass Effect 2 Most Useful Heavy Weapons

In some missions, you can switch to M-490 Blackstorm instead of M-920 Cain. It’s best to understand the mission you started, so you can make a choice for Mass Effect 2, choose the right weapon, a serious weapon will be confusing and difficult in a constant time, he is not always in the enemy Very famous. For missions, the M-100 bomb launcher may be a smart move, because this weapon causes serious damage to armor, shields, and obstacles through organic phenomena.

Despite the enemies, this makes it a flexible choice. It is also equipped with a 20 grenade weapon system, and they also tend to be aimed at the target, which makes it easy to hit the target from any distance. It is also a good choice for situational use. Although its damage is less than that of a bomb launcher, it is a good choice for gunboats, air enemies, or enemies behind a strong hood.

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The Grown Man is also a powerful weapon in the game, and even the toughest boss battles usually end with one blow. However, by shortening the range, it is less effective against groups of tanks. Particle Bolt causes continuous damage to the leaders of Herald, Scions and Finals, and increases continuous lightning damage and long-range combat skills-worthy of replacing machine guns or sniper rifles after the round.

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