iOS 15: Release Date, Features and Everything We Know About

The time has come. We have been waiting for this operating system for a long time. Apple’s iOS 14.5 will be on the market next week for sure. And Apple is fully prepared this week. iOS 14.5 is not the only thing Apple is releasing this week, they are releasing AirTag tracking devices too if you know what are those. But as always, these are just announcements, and websites should predict and discuss the features of these devices for everyone’s sake. And also what should we expect from this new iOS 15? Is it worth it? Or is it just a gimmick?

iOS 15: Release Date, Features

When iOS 14 was released last year, we wrote about that too. And it was of course promising. They, at last, listened to their customers and bring them the changes they wanted for a long time. Customers wanted widgets on the home screen, they got it. Customers wanted to organize their apps, they got it. Customers wanted improvements in their everyday use of apple and the tech giant delivered the changes happily. So let’s see, what Apple has in their basket this time.


It’s been a tradition for Apple to launch the new ios and their new phones at the same time to showcase the features of their iOS and made the customer excited for the new phone with new features and it has always worked. These events usually are very big events and many people come to these events organized by Apple.

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And also these events are usually organized in September. But we all saw the COVID pandemic. What it did and how it affected. Because of this pandemic, they shifted their whole event to the month of October. But, we think, the next event to release iOS 15 will be in September. But the beta version will be available to Apple users before the launch to test it out.


1. More firm control over the notifications.
2. Notifications have more functions to offer.
3. Auto-replies for situations like driving a car.
4. Privacy protection has been upgraded.
5. There’s a new design on the home screen.
6. You can use different web searching apps and set them as default.
7. Same thing with email and music.
8. The lock screen format will be changed.

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