Intel All-New 35W 8-core ‘Rocket Lake’ CPU : Everything You Want to Know

Intel has released its 11th gen core microprocessors with the code name ‘Rocket Lake’. Intel had officially launched it on 26th March. Sales started from March 30th in some places like Europe and Japan. Its is not available in the United States yet, even pre-bookings have not started. Let’s discuss all the details we know about the processor till now.

Intel All-New 35W 8-core ‘Rocket Lake’ CPU: About the core 

Rocket Lake CPU can have up to 8 cores. Low-power and eight-cored Core i9-11900T and Core i7-11700T processors with a 35W TDP for LGA1200 motherboards are already out. Most of the people looking for high speed and performance would probably opt for the all unlocked Intel’s K-series.

Other enthusiasts opting for a low-power and CPU with all the latest technologies are preferring these 2 models of the ‘Rocket Lake’. All the products of this T-series were not available at launch, unlike the K-series processors. All the products might be made available by the time these models are launched in all the countries around the world.

Intel All-New 35W 8-core: Specs 

These compact processors definitely have very attractive features. The eight-core CPU comes with Hyper-threading, Xe-based integrated GPU, 12 MB of space for cache, and 128GB memory support. Here are some of the features that are available in the T-series models-

  • It has a 5.3GHz of peak boost speed and a minimum speed of 1.GHz.
  • Better overclocking features
  • DDR4-3200 supported
  • VNNI support and Intel Deep learning boost
  • Thunderbolt 4 support
  • new and improvised microarchitecture for the desktop
  • Backward compatibility with 400-series motherboards
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Intel All-New 35W 8-core: Price

Since these 2 models have only been launched in Europe and japan till now, let’s see the cost in euros and yen. They are widely available all over Germany, Poland, Austria, and other European countries at a base price of 455 euros with VAT. In American currency, it is about $462 without adding the tax.

The higher-end model of i9-11900T is sold for about ¥60,478 to ¥62,700 including VAT, whereas the i7-11700T SKU is priced at about  ¥45,078 to ¥47,300 including the tax. The actual prices may fluctuate from country to country due to the tax laws there.

Overall the rocket lake series is a good, compact, and remotely high-performance giving series.

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