George W. Bush ‘Shocked’ by Reaction Over His Friendship With Michelle Obama

As the quote goes by, there are no friends in Politics. It’s just a matter of business. We have always heard about the great rivalries in politics among two parties. It can be among two groups or among individuals too. Also, it doesn’t have to be from different parties, two individuals can be foes from the same party in the thirst for power. Politics have a long history of betrayal with one another. It is what it is and neither you can change history nor the people in politics. That’s why they have joined the party to get into Power.

George W. Bush ‘Shocked’ by Reaction Over His Friendship

But of course, everyone is not Frank Underwood. There have been many cases in History when Political figures were friends. One of the most famous examples is two people who have been standing against each other and then the hatred dissolved was, Al-hajj Malek Ash-Shabazz aka Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. But that was a long time ago when the Black liberation Liberation movement was going on. We still had many individuals who were best of friends. Sometimes they enjoy having each other at dinner and sipping a cup of wine together.


An interview was taken on the 20th of April by Today, George W. Bush, Who is a former President of the United States of America. In that interview, he said many things and among those things, he said he was shocked at the bitterness of people when they find about his and Michelle Obama’s friendship. Although they both belong to the Republican Party, people were not expecting us to be friends. He once woke up and his daughter said you are trending on Twitter because of his friendship with her. He called the Americans a Polarizing group of people.

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Michelle Obama has also said about this incident back in 2018, and of course, Today was taking her interview. She said she saw Bush asking his wife for candies and she just asked for it. And as the matter of fact, those candies can only be found in the White House and that’s why she said from when you have these. And Bush replied, for a long time.

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