Adult Swim Releases a Short Clip About Uzumaki Anime Series

Junji Ito’s work has been a famous part of horror manga as well as of horror in general.  Releasing weekly starting in 1998, the work complied together into a three-volume edition. A single compiled book with all the chapters was also released for convenience.

The manga adaptation into anime series was announced 2 years ago by an adult swim. Adult Swim Releases a Short Clip series however received a delay of almost a year. The manga is not that long, it has a total of 19 chapters and one bonus story.

Adult Swim Releases a Short Clip: Uzumaki

The titled horror manga follows a character named Kirie who narrates the story of strange things that started to happen in her small fictional town, Kurouzu-Cho. The strange things are not exactly some haunting or supernatural beings but instead, it is a curse, a curse of spirals. People becoming obsessed with them and unsettling eerie things take place.

Adult Swim releases a short clip about Uzumaki anime series

The story does not just follow one haunting or same repeated creepy thing. It goes into a variety of storylines each chapter focusing on a story related to a spiral which gets scary as the story furthers. The show is gory as well as psychological horror. A live-action movie inspired by the same was also made in 2000.

Adult Swim Releases a Short Clip: Teaser Release

The released first look of the anime can be seen on the following link:

In the video the director of the series, Hiroshi Nagahama apologizes for the delay and also explains the impact the Covid has had on the delay of the show. They had to work much on the show and also required more than the usual amount of staff for this project. The director said they can not reveal much as the series has many spoiler and grotesque scenes, however, he promised more teasers coming in the future.

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The series has stuck with the original classic manga theme as black and white, which would be more familiar with the manga, giving it Junji Ito’s style.

Adult Swim Releases a Short Clip: Release Date

Announced at the expo in 2019, the anime would consist of 4 episodes. As the teaser mentioned the series would release in Halloween month, October 2022. It will be available on Toonami only.

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